"You Own My Vote"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Redemption Island
Episode Number: 2/15 (323)
Original Release: February 23, 2011
Viewership (in millions): 10.96[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.1/9 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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You Own My Vote is the second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island.


Day 3

Minutes after being voted out from the Ometepe tribe, Francesca was sent to Redemption Island.

Tribal Council was crazy. I thought that it would be, but not like that.

Francesca Hogi

She was shocked of Phillip's decision to flip to Rob's alliance. The attorney had doubts of her precarious position in the game. Not only would she be alone for a predetermined time period, she must win every single proceeding duels should she make it to the merger. Holding a lantern, she read a plaque that read: "Life on Redemption Island." Francesca was glad she had a flint in her Tree Mail.

If I can make it out here and come back at some point in the game when things are changing, because things are changing everyday. I mean, I could still win Survivor.

Francesca Hogi

At Ometepe, Rob remarked that was one of the craziest Tribal Councils he was ever part of. As the tribe discussed the previous vote, Kristina was left alone without an alliance.

I lost the battle, but it's not the end of the game.

Kristina Kell

She regretted telling Phillip about the Hidden Immunity Idol she found, and aligning with him in the first place. Hoping that he gets adopted by the majority alliance, Phillip went to Rob and told him:

Until I go to Redemption, you own my vote.

Phillip Sheppard

Unsure of Phillip, Rob halfheartedly agreed, but he came back to his alliance telling that their voting plans will stay the same, and that is to eliminate Phillip and Kristina next.

Day 4

At Ometepe, Phillip tried to hunt for crabs. The others were giggling while observing him, while Matt Elrod and Rob made fun of him in a Discovery Channel fashion. Using a makeshift spear, Phillip goes on his hunt, but to no avail. Later, he used a piece of rock for a second attempt, in which he was successful. In a confessional, Phillip became emotional after his clash with Francesca. Sobbing, He stated:

The best lesson I got from last night personally, besides the game aspects, was I still love Phillip Sheppard. He's a good guy and that's okay.

Phillip Sheppard

Over at the Zapatera tribe, Ralph's rooster impression awoke the tribe.

Poor old Ralph, that dude might be the dumbest person on the face of the earth, besides being the dumbest player to play Survivor.

Russell Hantz

While the other had a conversation, Russell wasted no time in bringing Krista into his fold. With his three-person alliance, Russell stated:

I have come to realize that I can trust nobody but my people, Krista and Stephanie.

Russell Hantz

Russell came up to Krista, telling her that there might have been a Hidden Immunity Idol somewhere, but clues were still unavailable. While looking in the woods, Mike, Sarita, and Steve were secretly watching him. Unknown to everyone, while collecting rocks for the bonfire, Ralph found the Idol totally by accident.

I just can't believe I found it that easy. Russell thought he was the king of finding Idols.

Ralph Kiser

Day 5

At Ometepe, Matt and Andrea bonded at the beach.

We're close and I think that we have a little bit of loyalty going on.

Andrea Boehlke

Rob seeing all the action said:

For me, that's not good, because I know how strong a pair can be in this game, like Amber and I.

Rob Mariano(pertaining to his Survivor: All-Stars alliance partner and eventual wife Amber Brkich).

Rob went to Natalie to form a pair alliance of his own. They both agreed that Matt and Andrea are a dangerous couple. However, despite this new sub-alliance, Rob contemplated that she is possibly too young.

It's like literally picking the girl up, putting her on my back and I'm going to drag your ass to the end. And hopefully they are going to give it to me at the end.

Rob Mariano

Later, the warring tribes reconvened for their second challenge, again both for Reward and Immunity. The Zapatera tribe was surprised seeing their rival team without Francesca, because they felt that she was a strong competitor. As Ralph handed the Immunity Idol to Jeff, he and Stephanie declared that the Idol would be back at their camp after the challenge, angering Phillip.

I will outlast any man over there.

Phillip Sheppard

After Jeff explained the mechanics of the challenge, Zapatera decided to make David as their sit-out.

At the challenge, Ometepe took a large lead, thanks to Grant out-swimming Steve. The orange tribe's lead widened up as Sarita struggled to come back. Ashley, Matt, Andrea, and Rob also increased Ometepe's lead. However, Stephanie managed to catch up for Zapatera by opening her locks faster than Natalie. It came down to Ralph and Phillip for the tile-breaking portion of the challenge. In a very close race, Ralph broke his fifth tile, fulfilling his promise to bring the Immunity Idol back to the purple tribe, thus sending the Ometepe tribe back to Tribal Council. Immediately after the loss, Matt tried to prove that he was a good sport by shaking hands with Zapatera. This moved irked Rob.

When we just got our asses kicked not once, but twice back to back. I'm not going over to the other team and giving them hugs and kisses.

Rob Mariano

Upon reaching camp, Russell carried their reward items to make sure he had the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol (unknown to him, Ralph already found it). As rain came down, the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol slipped from the fins, and he immediately picked it up. Russell bragged:

I don't say anything to anybody. I just grab the clue and put it in my hand. I know this game. This isn't my first rodeo.

Russell Hantz

Ralph caught Russell hiding the clue and said:

Russell, he's going to pay the price because this is not Russell's game. This is my game.

Ralph Kiser

As Russell walked away with the clue, Ralph told the others that Russell got the clue. Mike fumed,

The guy is the most untrustworthy character, I've ever met in my life.

Mike Chiesl

Russell, Stephanie, and Krista went to the well to read their clue. Ralph taunted Russell by asking if they had the clue. Fuming that somebody is challenging him, he acted as if he was offended by Ralph's "accusations." Feeling that his mission was accomplished, Ralph walked away, because he already had the Idol in his pocket. He cheered:

I'll play his game. I'll show him how smart I can be.

Ralph Kiser

At Redemption Island, Francesca was glad after seeing her luxury item (her journal) in her Tree Mail. As the rain poured down, she scribbled her way out of boredom. Being the first player banished at the island, she feared of what is yet to come, especially the upcoming duels she had to win to stay longer in the game. In a confessional, she said:

I hope we don't have to co-exist here for a while. That would suck, especially if that person is Phillip.

Francesca Hogi

At Ometepe, Phillip apologized for his perceived weak performance at the challenge, but Rob cheered him up, telling him that he did quite well. Rob tried to turn his alliance on Matt after his actions after the challenge. Later, Rob orchestrated a bold plan by telling Matt and Andrea that they would repeat what they had planned at the last Tribal Council (splitting their votes between Phillip and Kristina), to finally flush out Kristina's Hidden Immunity Idol. However, in truth, he would turn the majority alliance on Matt. Grant and Ashley agreed to vote Matt out. Rob fumed in a confessional:

Matt's trying to play the good Christian game and the social game and the end game on Day friggin' five. Wake up brother.

Rob Mariano

Grant and Ashley agreed to the plan to oust Matt. On their way to Tribal Council, Kristina wore her Hidden Immunity Idol around her neck to assure her protection.

At Tribal Council, Kristina used her idol, but for naught, as the votes she received were not enough to eliminate her. Rob's plan came into fruition, as Matt was blindsided in a 4-2-0 vote. He walked away with his extinguished torch, but without any of his belongings. He will not go home, though, as he will be competing against Francesca in a duel for a chance to return to the game.

As the credits rolled, Matt came to Redemption Island, where he awoke a sleeping Francesca.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Smash, Grab, Smash
One person from each tribe will swim out to a platform, climb to the top, smash a tile, and retrieve a key. Then the next person goes. Once all five keys are collected, one person will use those keys to open a box and retrieve a ball. The remaining two tribe members will use that ball to break five tiles. First tribe to break all five tiles wins.
Reward: Fishing gear
Winner: Zapatera

Redemption Island

As Francesca is the lone inhabitant of Redemption Island until after Tribal Council, there is no duel.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S22 matt t
Matt (4 votes)
S22 ashley tS22 grant tS22 natalie tS22 rob t
Ashley, Grant, Natalie, Rob
S22 kristina t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S22 andrea tS22 phillip t
Andrea, Phillip
(votes not counted)
S22 phillip t
Phillip (2 votes)
S22 kristina tS22 matt t
Kristina, Matt
S22 matt t
Matt Elrod
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals

Both Matt and Kristina were shown writing down Phillip on the parchment but did not give a confessional.

(voting for Kristina) Kristina, for lying and being a manipulator, along with your friend, Francesca.

Phillip Sheppard

(voting for Matt) Are you kidding me? I hope you don't hold it against me, bud, and we'll see you on the flip side.

Rob Mariano

Still in the Running

On Redemption
S22 francesca t
On Redemption
S22 matt t
S22 andrea t
S22 ashley t
S22 david t
S22 grant t
S22 julie t
S22 krista t
S22 kristina t
S22 mike t
S22 natalie t
S22 phillip t
S22 ralph t
S22 rob t
S22 russell t
S22 sarita t
S22 stephanie t
S22 steve t


Behind the Scenes

  • In a secret scene, Kristina secretly ruined Phillip's denim pants while he and the rest of Ometepe went fishing, to seek revenge for ruining her plans in the previous episode.[2]


  • This episode marks the fourth time in the history that a Hidden Immunity Idol was found without clues.
    • Additionally, this is the second time that this has happened in this season, following Kristina's discovery of the Ometepe idol.
    • This is the first time, however, that the Hidden Immunity Idol is found by accident, with the founder having no intentions of looking for the idol.
  • Discounting Mike Borassi's evacuation in "Taking Candy from a Baby", this is the first episode in the history of the show that an elimination occurred on Day 5. This however is the first episode a Tribal Council is held on Day 5.
  • This episode marks the earliest use of a Hidden Immunity Idol, beating Tom Westman's record from "Tonight, We Make Our Move".
  • The episode title is taken from a conversation between Phillip and Rob where Phillip declares his allegiance to Rob.