Yaxhá Alliance
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Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Guatemala
Founder: Brandon Bellinger
Members: Remained Loyal:
Danni Boatwright (Day 9-39)
Bobby Jon Drinkard (Day 9-24)
Brandon Bellinger (Day 9-21)
Blake Towsley (Day 9-14)
Gary Hogeboom (Day 18-30)
Day Formed: Day 9
Enemies: Brian Corridan
Amy O'Hara
Nakúm Alliance
Lowest Placing Member: Blake Towsley (14/18)
Highest Placing Member: Danni Boatwright (Sole Survivor)

The Yaxhá Alliance was the majority alliance on the Yaxhá tribe in Survivor: Guatemala.

After a series of Immunity losses by the tribe, the alliance entered the merge without the numbers' advantage and were largely eliminated in succession, with the exception of eventual winner Danni Boatwright, who managed to manoeuvre her way to the finals.


The Switch

A Failed Stir

Danni Fights Back

The Car Curse


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