Yasur Alliance
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Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Vanuatu
Founder: Ami Cusack
Members: Remained Loyal:
Ami Cusack (Day 5-33)
Leann Slaby (Day 5-30)
Lisa Keiffer (Day 7-15)
Twila Tanner (Day 5-30)
Scout Cloud Lee (Day 5-30)
Eliza Orlins (Day 12-30)
Julie Berry (Day 21-36)
Day Formed: Day 5
Enemies: Dolly Neely
Mia Galeotalanza
Fat Five
Final Four Alliance
Lowest Placing Member: Lisa Keiffer (12/18)
Highest Placing Member: Twila Tanner (Runner-Up)

The Yasur Alliance is the majority alliance on the Yasur and Alinta tribes on Survivor: Vanuatu.

This alliance is notable for being the first all-female alliance in Survivor history. However, seeds planted by Chris Daugherty, as well as insurgencies from within the alliance, eventually caused its downfall.



Witnessing an age divide between the older and younger women of Yasur, two alliances were formed. When the women lost their first Immunity Challenge on Day 6, Dolly Neely became the swing vote between the two factions. However, she couldn't decide which alliance to be apart of, eventually causing Eliza Orlins to suggest for her to be voted out instead. At Tribal Council, Eliza joined the older women in blindsiding Dolly, shocking the younger ladies.

At the double Tribal Council on Day 7, Lisa Keiffer flipped on the younger ladies and voted with the older women against Mia Galeotalanza, blindsiding the younger women once again.

Tribe Shuffle

When a swap occurred on Day 11, Rory Freeman and Travis Sampson joined Yasur while Twila Tanner moved over to Lopevi along with Julie Berry. When Ami overheard Travis attempting to tell his former tribe mate Chris Daugherty to throw the Immunity Challege, she used it as leverage against him. However, Eliza Orlins attempted to save Travis by arguing the possibility of Yasur going on a losing streak without the men. In the end, Ami got her way when Travis was voted out in an unanimous 6-1 vote.

Loose Line

With Travis out, Rory became the last standing male on the new Yasur tribe. However even with Rory still in the game, the tribe lost their second Immunity Challenge in a row. Though Rory was destined to leave next, Ami managed to pick up Lisa's loose line of "just in case" while they were gathering fruit, causing her to turn the women against her. With Rory's help, Ami successfully got rid of Lisa in a 4-2 vote.

Post-Merger Success

The Alliance Crumbles



  • The Yasur Alliance is the first alliance to enter the merge with a majority, but not produce the Sole Survivor.