Wrist Assured
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: An endurance challenge involving the players' pre-game weight.
Appearances: Philippines
Blood vs. Water
Worlds Apart

Wrist Assured (also known as Water Weight) is a recurring endurance challenge of Survivor.


Castaways hold on to a handle with a rope wrapped around it. At the end of the rope is a bucket that contains a percentage of the contestant's body weight before the game began. As the challenge goes on, the rope will begin to unwind, making it harder to keep the bucket in the air. The last castaway remaining in the challenge wins.


The challenge first appeared in Survivor: Philippines as the first challenge after the merge, when Carter defeated the men and Denise defeated the women to win immunity.

In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the players were given a choice whether to eat or compete. Ciera, Gervase, and Tyson opted to eat, while the other four chose to partake in the challenge. In a tight struggle to win, Monica ended up beating Hayden, winning her third Immunity Challenge since the merge.

The challenge was again reused in Survivor: Worlds Apart, when the last man and the last woman standing would be given immunity. After a close battle between Carolyn and Shirin for the women and Mike and Rodney for the men, Carolyn and Mike won immunity and were safe at the next Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Not the Only Actor on This Island"
Individual Immunity S25 carter tS25 denise t
Carter & Denise
Blood vs. Water
"Gloves Come Off"
Individual Immunity S27 monica t
Monica Culpepper
Worlds Apart
"Survivor Russian Roulette"
Individual Immunity S30 carolyn tS30 mike t
Carolyn & Mike