"Worst Case Scenario"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Nicaragua
Episode Number: 6/16 (311)
Original Release: October 20, 2010
Viewership (in millions): 12.26[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.6/11 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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Worst Case Scenario is the sixth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Night 14

At Espada, the intense rain made Dan tell Holly his desire to quit the game. Holly tried to comfort him and convince him not to quit.

One lesson I've learned out here is quitting is an easy way out. If you can't handle the rain, the wind, you should have thought of that before you came. You signed up for something, suck it up and finish.

Holly Hoffman

Day 15

Shocked by Tyrone Davis' elimination, Yve asked Holly of why she was not informed about the plan of voting Tyrone out. Holly explained that she thought that Yve might have an alliance with Tyrone, which Yve completely denied. She realized that she might be next.

It's going to be tough for me, but I'm not walking out of here without a fight.

Yve Rojas

Later, after Holly revealed Dan's questionable desire for the competition, Yve fumed.

I don't want to throw anybody under the bus, but Danny doesn't want to be here anymore. So I will take that information and work around that. It's the game of Survivor and you got to do what you got to do to stay alive.


Over at La Flor, Marty and Jill conversed about how life had changed since the tribe switch.

We've been dealt a very bad hand by coming onto a team in minority numbers. I feel like the young ones bonded and bonded really strong. So, I definitely feel like they would get rid of us in a heartbeat if they could.

Jill Behm

In a confessional, Brenda subconsciously affirmed Jill's assumptions.

Even though we're all called La Flor, it's still younger tribe and older tribe.


Despite this still-brewing conflict between age groups, Brenda announced an exception to the younger members' distaste for the elders - Jane, because she mingled and dealt with them in a friendly and humble manner. Brenda then revealed that her alliance are planning to enforce a tie between Marty and Jill to potentially flush Marty's Hidden Immunity Idol.

When the tribes convened for what they thought was a typical Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst revealed that the challenge will be for both individual immunity and tribal reward at the same time, because both tribes will go to Tribal Council to vote one of their own off the island.

During the individual immunity portion of the challenge, Jill and Holly ended up victorious, assuring them that they will be safe for the next three days. Holly and Jill then competed for tribal reward in the final round. It was a closely-contested match, Jill won tribal reward for La Flor.

Back at La Flor, while congratulating Jill for winning immunity as well as reward for the tribe, Brenda felt that Jill's win led her alliance to a dilemma.

Worst case scenario happened. Jill won Individual Immunity. Marty has the Hidden Immunity Idol. So now we're stuck.


Brenda later went to Sash for regrouping. Sash proposed to turn on Kelly B. instead (though Kelly B. was also a part of the original La Flor, she was not part of Brenda's alliance).

Kelly B. has never been a part of our alliance. She was gunning for me from the start. Plus she has a fake leg. So I think people would give Kelly B. the million dollars because they feel bad for her and you can't afford to have someone like that around.


As a fail-safe, Brenda approached Kelly B. to vote Jane instead. Though Kelly B. was not happy about the idea since Jane was likable, she agreed to save herself. Meanwhile, Marty was trying to lure Fabio to join his alliance that includes Jill and Jane. Marty tried to lure Fabio by telling him that he was a chess grand-master and was trained by none other than Guillermo Vilas, the Argentine Grand-master. A gullible Fabio immediately believed everything Marty had said, not knowing that Marty was just bluffing because Vilas was actually a tennis player. Marty completely fooled Fabio.

You can never be too cocky. You can never be too confident, but if I can pull this off, it could be a whole new ballgame.

Marty Piombo

At Espada, Holly congratulated herself for winning immunity, along with the fact that she was a part of the younger alliance of Chase, Alina, NaOnka, and Benry.

The choices tonight between who we can vote for are Dan and Yve.


Holly approached Dan and asked if whether he will quit or not. Dan officially declared that he will not quit. Meanwhile, Benry and Chase were thinking if they should just vote Yve instead, since both of them do not see Dan as a threat at all.

I personally want to get rid of Yve tonight because I don't want to take her to the merge. She's a smart player. She's here to play for the million dollars.

Benry Henry

When they approached Alina and NaOnka about change of plan, the two rebutted that Dan must be eliminated right away. Sensing that she is in danger, Yve told Alina and NaOnka that her strength in challenges will benefit the tribe more and stressed about Dan's wavering desire for the game was dwindling. Yve also added that she has good terms with the ex-Espada members at La Flor. Yve's last-minute scrambling made Alina suspicious.

I'm thinking if we get you to the merge and you have good relationships, what makes us think that you are not going to switch on us. That's the perfect argument to get rid of her.

Alina Wilson

At La Flor's Tribal Council, Marty was caught into a crossfire when Brenda kept on grilling him about his Hidden Immunity Idol and his alliance with Jill. Pissed about this, Marty whispered to a nearby Jane to "vote Brenda." Not knowing Jane's grudge against him, Jane voted for Marty. With Marty making a risky plan for not using his Hidden Immunity Idol, the vote ended up in an erratic 3-3-2 vote between Marty and Kelly B., while the two other votes were for Brenda. Jeff told the castaways to re-vote between Marty and Kelly B. The tribe had deemed that Kelly B.'s artificial leg could give her an easy win, and with a 5-1 vote, Kelly Bruno was sent home. After the vote, La Flor sat at the jury bench to watch Espada's Tribal Council, where they will enjoy the feast that Jill won for them.

While La Flor chowed down at the sidelines, several of the Espada members tried their best to not look at the rival tribe eating. Jeff then teased the blue tribe about La Flor's win. Holly stated she would give up immunity just to get the reward, while Dan joked.

If it is not a martini, it doesn't bother me.


sending everyone laughing. The tribe members agreed that they were torn between Dan's constant complaining and weakness in challenges (though he doesn't pose as a post-merge threat) and Yve being a hardcore player and a social threat (though she was not a liability in challenges). Before Espada started voting, Jeff told the La Flor tribe to go back to camp. After Espada's vote, a disappointed Yve was sent home.


Individual Immunity/Tribal Reward Challenge: Kitty Litter
Armed with a paddle while wearing baskets on their backs, the survivors must dig a small rope buried in the sand and toss it in their basket. The first person to successfully toss all three rings in his or her basket wins individual immunity. The winners from both tribes would then redo the challenge, this time for tribal reward.Reward: Individual immunity and a feast of chicken and beef kebabs to be eaten while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council.
Winners: Holly Hoffman and Jill Behm (immunity); La Flor (reward)

Tribal Council

La Flor

Voting Confessionals

Brenda is shown writing Kelly B's name down on the parchment. Revote confessionals are not available.

(voting for Marty) Don't ever fluff off a southern woman. I ain't no sitting duck, honey.

Jane Bright

(voting for Brenda) You're the Black Widow, King Cobra, and Black Mamba all rolled into one. You may not be going home tonight, but the lines have been drawn.

Marty Piombo

Final Words

Going into tonight, I was pretty sure that there was consensus on the tribe that we were, you know, going to keep the young people together and so to be singled out for whatever reason, you know, I just never got a vibe that like, I did something wrong. I mean, I'm surprised by the decision tonight.

Kelly Bruno


Tribal Council 7:
S21 yve t
Yve (6 votes)
S21 alina tS21 benry tS21 chase t
S21 dan tS21 holly tS21 naonka t
Alina, Benry, Chase, Dan, Holly, NaOnka
S21 dan t
Dan (1 vote)
S21 yve t
S21 yve bw
Yve Rojas

Voting Confessionals

In the aired episode, Dan did not say anything when he voted. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

(voting for Yve) Love ya, Yve, but I gotta start looking out for myself right now.

Benry Henry

(voting for Dan) What can I say, Dan? Looks like it's either me or you, and I'd much rather it be you.

Yve Rojas

(voting for Yve) I'm really sorry. Nothing personal. I think this will help my alliance out in the long run, and this will help me get back to my old La Flor members.

Chase Rice

(voting for Yve) I tried to save you. I don't know what happened, but at the last minute, Chase told me to do it. Sorry.

NaOnka Mixon

(voting for Yve) I wasn't going to vote for you, but your comments tonight made me.

Holly Hoffman

(voting for Yve) Yve, I'm sorry. I like you a lot, but you're more of a competitor than Dan, and it's easy to get rid of a good competitor now.

Alina Wilson

Final Words

It's frustrating to be out of this game at this point. Disappointed in myself. It's not what I came here to do. Did I intend to win? That was my goal, but I certainly didn't have any anticipation of going out so early in the game. I do think it was a mistake to let me go. Perhaps, they have reasons for letting me go that I'm clearly not aware of.

Yve Rojas

Still in the Running

S21 wendy bw
S21 shannon bw
 Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw
 Jimmy T.
S21 jimmyt bw
S21 tyrone bw
 Kelly B.
S21 kellyb bw
S21 yve bw
S21 alina t
S21 benry t
La Flor
S21 brenda t
S21 chase t
S21 dan t
La Flor
S21 fabio t
S21 holly t
La Flor
S21 jane t
La Flor
S21 jill t
 Kelly S.
La Flor
S21 kellys t
La Flor
S21 marty t
S21 naonka t
La Flor
S21 sash t


  • This episode marked the ninth time to a season featured a Double Tribal Council, following Pearl Islands, Vanuatu, Palau, Guatemala, Cook Islands, Gabon, Samoa, and Heroes vs. Villains.
  • This also marked the second time a tie has happened during a double Tribal Council, following Palau.
    • In both cases, three contestants received votes, with the non-tied contestant receiving one vote fewer than the tied contestants received.
  • This is the third time that two Immunity Necklaces were offered in a Double Tribal Council, following Gabon and Heroes vs. Villains.
  • The individual Immunity Necklaces are different to each other, with both designed with respect to the tribes' sigils. The Espada necklace looks like a sword/saber, while the La Flor necklace looks like a fleur de lis. Furthermore, the post-merge Immunity Necklace looks completely different and more ornate.
  • This is the first Double Tribal Council where two females were voted out.
  • The episode title was said by Brenda, upon realizing that Marty could play his Hidden Immunity Idol either for himself or Jill.