"Wipe Out!"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: All-Stars
Episode Number: 4/18 (109)
Original Release: February 19, 2004
Viewership (in millions): 22.80[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 8.7/22 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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Wipe Out! is the fourth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 10

Due to heavy rain, the tribes do not sleep well at all, especially Saboga. Rupert's underground shelter has the waves and the rain flooding their house, much to Jerri's misery. Rupert realizes his mistake and decides to work as a team from then on. On the other hand, Boston Rob and Amber are having a great time snuggling with each other.

Richard brings in a huge catch at Mogo Mogo with three eels, roughly five pounds of meat all together. He realizes that bringing fish and doing nothing else would keep him a while. Lex knows this and in a confessional, says that he can't wait to get the third key to the rice box so his tribe won't need to rely on Richard as heavily.

At the Reward Challenge, the contestants are competing for shampoo, soaps, and all of those things to keep you clean. Chapera wins, with Saboga in second. As an added bonus, those two tribes have a clue to a key for the rice box. For Chapera, they have all the clues, while Saboga and Mogo Mogo both have two.

Chapera comes back with the soaps and shampoos and start bathing each other, to the enjoyment of Boston Rob and Amber. Later, they finally find the third key, and receive rice in their stomachs.

Day 11

Saboga has a "100% better sleep than the night before", and to prevent anything like that happening again, everyone is contributing to help out at camp. Rupert catches seafood, Jerri firms the roof of the shelter, Jenna collects water, and Ethan builds up the fire.

At the Immunity Challenge, Chapera has an early lead, but once the puzzles come, they slow down. Saboga and Mogo Mogo catch up, and take first and second, respectively, sending Chapera to Tribal Council for the first time. There are lots of physical injuries because everyone was blindfolded during the challenge, especially to Big Tom.

Day 12

Rob M. is trying to decide who his alliance is going to vote off. His main ally, Amber, has confirmed Tom's vote for Rob C., because he is too smart to be competing with. However, Rob M. is still unsure of who to blindside, but it's down to Rob C., Susan, and even betraying Alicia. Ultimately, he decides Rob C., and fakes a word with him to eliminate Alicia.

At Tribal Council, Susan and Alicia join Rob M., Amber, and Tom in their campaign against Rob C., and he becomes the fourth "All-Star" to leave.


Challenge: Match Maker
Each castaway would receive a box containing four items. The goal was for each Survivor to match an item from their box to an item in another castaway's box. The tribe scoring the most matches would win reward.
Reward: A "Survival Bathroom," consisting of a shower, toilet, mouthwash, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste; first and second placing tribes would receive another clue to the whereabouts of a key to their rice boxes
Additional Stipulation: If Chapera wins at least second place, they would receive a clue to their final rice box key.
Winners (according to finish): Chapera and Saboga

Challenge: Blind Cube Crisis
One tribe member would guide their blindfolded tribemates to gather fifteen pieces to a puzzle cube that are scattered across the beach. Once all pieces are collected, the whole tribe must finish their puzzle. First two tribes to finish would win immunity
Winners (according to finish): Saboga and Mogo Mogo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S8 robc t
Rob C. (5 votes)
S8 alicia tS8 amber t
S8 robm tS8 susan tS8 tom t
Alicia, Amber, Rob M., Susan, Tom
S8 alicia t
Alicia (1 vote)
S8 robc t
Rob C.
S8 robc bw
Rob Cesternino

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Alicia) I'm a little uneasy about this vote tonight, but if everything goes through with this, I have a feeling the next time I see you, there's going to be a big finger wagging in my face.

Rob C.

(voting for Rob C.) Rob C., you're a great guy, and you're really funny, but I think what we need from here on out is a little more seriousness.


Final Words

I'm just very disappointed that I didn't really have a chance to get into the game. I feel like I was kind of targeted unfairly. What can I say? Not many people get to play Survivor once in a lifetime. I got to play it twice. The first time at Tribal Council. I guess I'll take it as a sign of respect from the rest of the team, but it's gonna take a little while to swallow this one.

Rob Cesternino

Still in the Running

S8 tina bw
S8 rudy bw
 Jenna M.
S8 jennam bw
 Rob C.
S8 robc bw
S8 alicia t
S8 amber t
Mogo Mogo
S8 colby t
S8 ethan t
 Jenna L.
S8 jennal t
S8 jerri t
Mogo Mogo
S8 kathy t
Mogo Mogo
S8 lex t
Mogo Mogo
S8 richard t
 Rob M.
S8 robm t
S8 rupert t
 Shii Ann
Mogo Mogo
S8 shiiann t
S8 susan t
S8 tom t