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"Who's Zooming Whom?"
Linda drinking Cow's Blood
Season Africa
Episode Number 2/14 (030)
First Broadcast October 18, 2001
Viewership (in millions) 19.59[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 7.9/20
CBS Summary Link
Episode Chronology
Previous Question of Trust
Next The Gods Are Angry

Who's Zooming Whom? is the second episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 4Edit

After their first Tribal Council in Night 3, the Boran tribe agreed that eliminating Diane was the best move, but also considered that Clarence should have left to pay for the lost can of beans. Clarence then approached Jessie of what she thinks about the situation, telling her that Diane was the real culprit, and betrayed him when the tribe started berating him for the incident. Jessie commented, "I understand the decision that was made to keep Clarence and not me; he is much stronger than I am. I just want to tell that I love him." With lack of sleep, Samburu found themselves sore after sleeping in the sand. With this, Frank again started to bark orders in a militaristic manner, much to the ire of Kim P. and Lindsey. Throughout the day, the erratic division of labor caused the tribe to be divided by age, with the elders (Frank, Teresa, Linda, and Carl) doing almost all the work, while the younger members (Silas, Kim P., Lindsey, and Brandon) halfheartedly helped on camp chores. Brandon observed, "We are almost like two completely different teams. For some reason, our camp is split right down the middle by age."

Day 5Edit

At the Reward Challenge, the tribes were evenly matched, but Boran's Kim J. tripped while carrying the final peg, making room for Samburu to lead and eventually win their second consecutive challenge. After Boran's second loss, Kim J. felt that she was next to go. "Falling down in the challenge, and all things being equal among us, it's a reason to vote me off," she said. Later, Jessie and Clarence felt worried by the lack of potable water. "I never thought drinking water would be this hard," Jessie mumbled to herself before going weak and faint. "I will be the first to admit that the water does not taste great, but you look past it because you need it. Not only that, if you don't drink it, how are you going to help us in challenges? It hurts us all because it wears everybody down," Clarence added.

Over at Samburu, Silas was approached by the elder members to join their voting bloc. Frank even rebutted that Silas should not align himself with the younger members, stating that he is siding with the weaker members. Unknown to Frank, Lindsey was secretly listening to their conversation. With Silas feeling secure about his place, he asked Lindsey about making their own alliance with Brandon and Kim P. Lindsey agreed, but she said that the younger alliance must get rid of Frank first. After managing the beans fiasco in Day 3, Lex and Big Tom started to emerge as Boran's leaders and both decided to have an alliance with each other. They then approached Ethan to join their pact. Ethan agreed, but later expressed, "Everyone trusts Lex, and for all I know he is playing both sides, and that's why I am a little paranoid."

Day 6Edit

The tribes convened for their second Immunity Challenge, where Jeff showed with some local tribesmen and a cattle. Before the challenge, Jeff explained that the local people rarely eat meat and only relied on their blood and milk. Then moments later, the tribesmen drained some blood and left the cow unharmed. Then Jeff said that their next challenge is a blood-drinking contest. With everyone had drank once, the challenge ended with a tie. Kelly was chosen to compete for Boran while Samburu will have Linda as theirs. With Kelly having trouble swallowing, Linda managed to finish first, thus bagging Samuburu's third consecutive victory.

Knowing that they would be sent back to Tribal Council, Boran felt unsure of who to eliminate. Despite still harboring ill feelings for Clarence, Tom approached Clarence and agreed that they must set aside their conflicts and vote off their weak links first, though at Tribal Council, Tom ultimately decided to vote for Clarence once again. But in the end, despite being well-liked, Jessie's weaker state was enough to eliminate her, and she was next to go in a 5-2 vote



Challenge: Stairway to the Stars
Each tribe has five logs. The goal is to transport the five logs from the start position through a series of obstacles to a tower, where they must build a staircase. The first tribe to successfully build the staircase and have one member race to the top of the tower wins.
Reward: Blankets, an extra supply of canned food, lamps, water containers and some items that they have left from the truck in Day 1.
Winner: Samburu

Reward Challenge: Stairway to the Stars
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
Won Samburu S3 brandon tS3 carl tS3 frank tS3 kimp tS3 lindsey tS3 silas tS3 teresa t
Brandon, Carl, Frank, Kim P., Lindsey, Silas & Teresa
S3 linda t
Lost Boran S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 jessie tS3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 lex tS3 tom t
Clarence, Ethan, Jessie, Kelly, Kim J., Lex & Tom


Challenge: Safari Supper
One at a time, members from both tribes must drink a shot of cow's blood. If at any time a person declines to drink or does not finish, that team is disqualified. If all members of both tribes complete the task, a tiebreaker is set. Each tribe must pick a member from the other tribe to chug a full glass of cow's blood. The first to finish wins the full glass wins.
Winner: Samburu

Immunity Challenge: Safari Supper
Result Tribe Competitors
Won Samburu S3 brandon tS3 carl tS3 frank tS3 kimp tS3 linda tS3 lindsey tS3 silas tS3 teresa t
Brandon, Carl, Frank, Kim P., Linda, Lindsey, Silas & Teresa
Lost Boran S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 jessie tS3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 lex tS3 tom t
Clarence, Ethan, Jessie, Kelly, Kim J., Lex & Tom
Round Breakdown
Round Boran Score Samburu Score Total Score
Round 1 S3 lex t 1 S3 frank t 1 1-1
Round 2 S3 tom t 1 S3 carl t 1 2-2
Round 3 S3 ethan t 1 S3 lindsey t 1 3-3
Round 4 S3 kelly t 1 S3 teresa t 1 4-4
Round 5 S3 kimj t 1 S3 kimp t 1 5-5
Round 6 S3 jessie t 1 S3 linda t 1 6-6
Round 7 S3 clarence t 1 S3 brandon t 1 7-7
Round 8 S3 lex t 1 S3 silas t 1 8-8
Tiebreaker S3 kelly t 0 S3 linda t 1 9-8

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 2:
S3 jessie t
Jessie (5 votes)
S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 lex t
Clarence, Ethan, Kelly, Kim J. & Lex
S3 clarence t
Clarence (2 votes)
S3 jessie tS3 tom t
Jessie & Tom
S3 jessie bw
Jessie Camacho

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Last time I wanted to vote for Clarence and I didn't get the chance so I figured tonight I'm gonna set my peace and vote for the person who I really wanted to vote for last time.


I hate to lose her because she's so nice, but she's having trouble holding up in these horrible, hard conditions, and if she's still like that on Day 5 or 6, I don't think she's going to be to hold on for the long haul. We need all the strength we can get.

Kim J.

I forgive, but I don't forget. This is still another reminder.


Final WordsEdit

I know why the guys made the decision they made. Obviously they felt that they needed Clarence to stay in the challenges. He's a little bit stronger than me anyway. That's the decision they made. I am okay with that. I just want to tell Tom that I love him.

Jessie Camacho

Still in the RunningEdit

S3 clarence t
S3 diane bw
S3 ethan t
S3 jessie bw
S3 kelly t
S3 kimj t
Kim J.
S3 lex t
S3 tom t
S3 brandon t
S3 carl t
S3 frank t
S3 kimp t
Kim P.
S3 linda t
S3 lindsey t
S3 silas t
S3 teresa t


  • With this episode, Jessie is the first castaway voted out to never win a challenge that was not the first person to be voted out in their season.


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