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"What the...? (Part 2)"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Pearl Islands
Episode Number: 8/14 (092)
Original Release: November 6, 2003
Viewership (in millions): 21.30[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 7.7/21 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "What the...? (Part 1)"
Next: "Shocking! Simply Shocking!"

What the...? (Part 2) is the eighth episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Concluding the events of the previous episode, Burton and Lill return to compete for the million dollar prize.


Day 19

Picking up what Drake and Morgan had left off, The Outcasts went to Tribal Council, for the much anticipated resurrection of two of their tribemates. As the six departed contestants sat down, Jeff Probst noted that he never saw a tribe excited to go to Tribal Council.

Day 20

Day 21


Immunity Challenge: Keel Hauling
For the first round, the castaways must jump from a pontoon into the water, pull themselves along a rope under the pontoon to the opposite end without surfacing, climb back onto the pontoon, and run back to the start. This is done in two heats of five, the first two players in each to finish two laps move on. For the final round, the same thing is done, but players must do five laps, and move a medallion to the front each lap. First to move all five medallions to the front wins.
Winner: Burton Roberts (gave to Rupert Boneham)

Immunity Challenge: Keel Hauling
Placement Winner 2nd 5th
Castaway S7 burton t
S7 jon tS7 rupert tS7 ryano t
Jon, Rupert, Ryan O.
S7 andrew tS7 christa tS7 darrah tS7 lillian tS7 sandra tS7 tijuana t
Andrew, Christa, Darrah, Lillian, Sandra, Tijuana
Round Breakdown
Round Winner(s) Losers
Round 1 S7 jon tS7 rupert t S7 christa tS7 sandra tS7 tijuana t
S7 burton tS7 ryano t S7 andrew tS7 darrah tS7 lillian t
Round 2 S7 burton t S7 jon tS7 rupert tS7 ryano t

Tribal Council

The Outcasts

In a special vote, each Outcast member cast two ballots. They were not allowed to vote for themselves. The two players with the highest number of votes would return to the game with individual immunity the next time they attend next Tribal Council. The other four would be permanently eliminated.

Tribal Council 9:
The Outcasts
Voted To
S7 burton t
Burton (3 votes)
S7 michelle tS7 ryans tS7 trish t
Michelle, Ryan S., Trish
S7 lillian t
Lillian (3 votes)
S7 nicole tS7 ryans tS7 trish t
Nicole, Ryan S., Trish
S7 nicole t
Nicole (2 votes)
S7 burton tS7 michelle t
Burton, Michelle
S7 ryans t
Ryan S. (2 votes)
S7 lillian tS7 nicole t
Lillian, Nicole
S7 michelle t
Michelle (1 vote)
S7 burton t
S7 trish t
Trish (1 vote)
S7 lillian t
S7 burton tS7 lillian t
Burton Roberts and Lillian Morris
S7 michelle bwS7 nicole bwS7 ryans bwS7 trish bw
Michelle Tesauro, Nicole Delma, Ryan Shoulders, Trish Dunn

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Lillian) Lill, I would never put your name down unless it was for something good. If it's not me, I hope it's you.

Ryan S.

(voting for Burton) Burton, I'm voting you back in because I know you can win the individual immunities. And if I can't win, I want another Outcast member to win.


(voting for Ryan S.) Ryan, you were my friend from the very beginning. You accepted me no matter what. And I want you in almost as much as I want to be in. And I hope we can be together. Thank you.


(voting for Nicole) Nicole, I know you're one bad bitch and I know you'll go and get 'em.



Tribal Council 10:
S7 andrew t
Andrew (6 votes)
S7 burton tS7 christa tS7 jon t
S7 lillian tS7 rupert tS7 sandra t
Burton, Christa, Jon, Lillian, Rupert, Sandra
S7 jon t
Jon (4 votes)
S7 andrew tS7 darrah tS7 ryano tS7 tijuana t
Andrew, Darrah, Ryan O., Tijuana
S7 andrew bw
Andrew Savage

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Jon) Little Jon, you talk too much smack.


(voting for Andrew) Ooh, yeah, Mr. Macho, Mr. Savage, going down. Dig it?


(voting for Andrew) You're our biggest threat out here. Bye.


(voting for Jon) Jonny Fairplay, this message goes for you: you're a troublemaker and you're very manipulative.


Final Words

I am unbelievably proud to be part of the Morgan tribe. We went through hell. And, to rally from losing the first three immunities, to even the score to five Morgan to five Drake, is a phenomenal accomplishment. Cheers to Morgan. Ryno, D, and T, stick it to Drake. Show them what we're made of and continue to make all of us proud.

Andrew Savage

Still in the Running

S7 nicole bw
 Ryan S.
S7 ryans bw
S7 michelle bw
S7 trish bw
S7 shawn bw
S7 osten bw
S7 andrew bw
S7 burton t
S7 christa t
S7 darrah t
S7 jon t
S7 lillian t
S7 rupert t
 Ryan O.
S7 ryano t
S7 sandra t
S7 tijuana t


  • Burton and Lillian became the first castaways to be voted out and re-enter the game. They would later be followed by Matt Elrod and Andrea Boehlke from Survivor: Redemption Island, Ozzy Lusth from Survivor: South Pacific, and Laura Morett and Tina Wesson from Survivor: Blood vs. Water.
  • Neither Burton nor Lillian voted for each other to re-enter.
  • Burton became the second person to win the Immunity Necklace and pass it to somebody else, following Jenna Morasca, and the first male to do so.
    • Burton is the first and so far only person to pass the Immunity Necklace to somebody else and still be immune from the vote.
    • This season's Immunity Necklace is not actually a necklace. The token for individual immunity is a cutlass in a scabbard to be worn on one shoulder.
  • This episode marked the first time an episode began with a Tribal Council. In a continuation of the previous episode, The Outcasts voted two people back into the game.
  • The Outcasts' Tribal Council was the first time, other than the Final Tribal Council, that there was a Tribal Council in which people cast their votes for someone rather than against someone.
    • This is also the first Tribal Council where castaways are voting people back into the game.
  • Jonny Fairplay's voting confessional against Andrew Savage was a reference to pro wrestler Randy Savage, who went by the nickname "Macho Man".
  • This episode aired on Christa Hastie's 25th birthday.
  • This is the first non-finale episode to feature Tribal Councils on two different days.


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