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"We Found Our Zombies"
S28 press images ep5 0011 Lindsey isolates herself from her tribe before quitting the game.
Episode Information
Season: Cagayan
Episode Number: 6/14 (391)
Original Release: March 26, 2014
Viewership (in millions): 9.85[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.3/7 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: Odd One Out
Next: Head of the Snake

We Found Our Zombies is the sixth episode of Survivor: Cagayan.


Previously On... Survivor: After a surprise switch, Brawn, Brains, and Beauty were no more. They were divided into two tribes, the new Solana tribe and the new Aparri tribe. Over at Aparri, the former Beauty tribe began to turn on each other and the former Brain tribe used it to gain control. Meanwhile at Solana, the former Brawn tribe enjoyed a 5 to 2 advantage over LJ and Jefra, but it couldn't mend old feuds. At the last Immunity Challenge, Solana lost. Facing Tribal Council, the former Brawn tribe was focused on getting rid of LJ. But Trish and Tony saw a chance to take out an even bigger threat. And at Tribal Council, Trish and Tony got their wish blindsiding Cliff and his allies. Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Jeff Probst

Day 14

When Solana returned to camp after blindsiding Cliff Robinson, Trish Hegarty addressed the tribe about the vote. However, Lindsey Ogle didn't want to hear it, and an argument ensued. The situation escalated as the two women threw barbs at one another with Lindsey concluding, "That's the beauty about it is that I can leave here and never think of you ever again." As Tony Vlachos encouraged the tribe to calm down, but the argument continued until Lindsey eventually left camp.

So we totally bamboozled Cliff. He was so clueless that he was going to go home tonight. The core alliance was Lindsey and Cliff, period. We got rid of Cliff and she's on her own.


Trisha started in on me and she is a bully. She's got the mouth as big as a *bleep*ing horse and emotionally, I don't really think I can take it. I do not want to play this game with Trisha, so I am going to take whatever sanity I have left and I'm gonna have to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the time because I am not going to do this. I am not going to stick around Trisha's mouth.


Some time later, the tribe began to worry where Lindsey – still only wearing her underwear – had disappeared to. Elsewhere, Lindsey sat alone on the beach until Jeff Probst emerged from the jungle to ask her what was going on. She told him that Trish had exploded at her upon reaching camp and that she couldn't live with her anymore, saying she would "flip out on her" if she was forced to be around her anymore. Not wanting her daughter to see her react like that, Lindsey had isolated herself from the situation and told Jeff that even though she needed the money, it wasn't worth a million dollars. Lindsey then quit the game, and Jeff passed the news on to the tribe. In response to the news, Trish expressed some regret that she'd come down on Lindsey, but maintained that she was a difficult and mean person, and added that she wasn't surprised she'd quit. LJ McKanas added that Cliff's blindside had been huge, and that Lindsey had always been "a huge, volatile zit waiting to pop." Woo Hwang jumped in to unite the tribe, establishing that this could mean a new beginning.

Lindsey disappeared for a while and I was thinking we should go check on her. She left in her bra and underwear and even though I didn't like her, I wouldn't want her to injure herself. I mean, I still care about her as a person.


Just as we expected: you turn the head, the body always follows. She was the body, Cliff was the head. She followed right behind him out the exit door. And it was a beautiful thing. Two for the price of one.


Prior to Tribal Council, I was aligned with Cliff and Lindsey, so for Cliff and Lindsey to be gone, now it puts me in a really tough position. If we were to go to Tribal Council, I could definitely project myself going.


Day 15

The next day, the tribes convened for the Reward Challenge. As Aparri got their first look at the new Solana tribe – minus Cliff and Lindsey – they could barely restrain their excitement. Sarah Lacina gaped and fist-pumped – which Trish reciprocated. Jeff asked her about the flood of emotion and she said that it was "insane." Alexis Maxwell, who was also grinning widely, said she was happy to see her two former Beauties, LJ and Jefra Bland, still standing. Spencer Bledsoe nodded with approval, noting that he was bothered that someone chose to quit, but he was glad to make it one step closer without having to do anything.

Jeff then revealed the challenge: Idol Hands. One person from each tribe would square off in the arena, balancing an idol on a platform held in one hand. The first person to knock the other's idol to the ground would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to four points would win reward in the form of a camp raid. To even out the numbers, Alexis and Kass McQuillen sat out the challenge for Aparri.

In the first round, Spencer challenged Woo. Although Spencer tried to psych Woo out, Woo remained steady. However, Spencer threw his idol up in the air whilst lunging for Woo's, knocking the Solana idol to the ground first to score for Aparri. Next up, Tasha Fox took on Trish. As Tasha moved in aggressively, Trish asked if they were allowed to hit each other as she swatted away Tasha's hand. Although Tasha lunged for Trish's idol, her own hit the ground first, evening the score 1-1.

In the third round, Jefra and Sarah squared off. Sarah attacked aggressively, and though Jefra managed to fend off Sarah's arms, she tipped her own platform and dropped her idol, putting Aparri back in the lead at 2-1. Next up, the "bearded mountain men" Jeremiah Wood and LJ faced off. LJ gained the upper hand quickly, causing Jeremiah's idol to tip off of its platform. However, Jeremiah fought to keep the idol alive, bouncing it in the air using the platform, but he wasn't able to recover – once again tying the score at 2-2.

In the next round, Morgan McLeod and Tony were set to compete, with LJ warning Tony not to "look her in the eyes, brother." Tony charged straight at Morgan, and though both idols dropped, Morgan's hit the ground first to put Solana in the lead 3-2. With the match point on the line, Spencer and Woo squared off in a rematch. The two men took a slower, cautious approach. After brushing aside Spencer's attempts to reach for the idol, Woo pushed Spencer back, but it wasn't enough to tip the idol. Again, the pair settled, squaring off until Woo made a dive for the Spencer's idol, knocking it to the ground and winning the challenge for Solana.

When asked to select two people to carry out the camp raid, Solana chose Tony and Woo to follow Aparri back to their camp, with Tony noting that he knew the camp inside-out. Jeff gave them a note containing instructions that they were to open in private, and the tribes headed back to their beaches.

There's so much more energy in the camp now that Cliff is gone and now that Lindsey's gone. We went there and we made a statement: we're less in numbers, but we're high in morale. And we showed it to them and we won the challenge.


Back at the Aparri camp, the tribe uneagerly welcomed the intruders. Tony and Woo headed off to open their note, which informed them that they could take two items: comfort items (2 blankets, 2 pillows, and the hammock), tarp and rope, or the fishing kit (tackle boxes, net, traps, filet knife, frying pan, salt, pepper, and oil). They chose to take comfort and the fishing kit, and then discovered a second note – a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol back at the Solana beach. Tony proposed a scheme to tell Aparri that they had to choose someone to give the clue to, in the hopes of getting the tribe to turn on each other. He proposed burning Jeremiah with the plan, and Woo agreed.

We lose the Reward Challenge and the reward today is a tribe raid. So when Tony and Woo came, like, our hearts dropped. I came from Luzon and we were living in pretty bad conditions so when we got over to Aparri, we were like, "This is the lap of luxury!" And who knew that it could be so short-lived.


So after winning today's Reward Challenge, Jeff gave us instructions on what we can do in that tribe. There was also a part two to the instructions and it was a Hidden Immunity Idol clue. Woo and myself read it and it didn't pertain to the Aparri beach. It pertained to the Solana tribe where we have a wall of rocks.


I think it would be great to try to oust one of these people to stir up the pot and the strongest person on the Aparri team right now is Jeremiah.


Tony and Woo returned to the Aparri tribe, informing them of the items they were stealing, but also told them they had a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol that they had to give to one of them – electing Jeremiah. As Woo gathered up the comfort and fishing gear, Tony took Jeremiah into the woods to give him the clue. As confessionals revealed that Tasha had fallen for Tony's deception, Jeremiah read the clue and recognized that it was the same as the one he'd found in the bag of chicken feed, deducing that it was the Solana clue. Upon returning to his tribe, he expressed confusion at being "the chosen one," as Tony and Woo departed – pausing on their way out to get the clue back from Jeremiah to cover their deceit.

Tony and Woo decide to give Jeremiah a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. So, honestly, I think they're sending a signal to Jeremiah that, "We want to work with you."


So I gave him the clue. Meanwhile, I'm sure it was going through everybody's mind at the tribe: "Why is Jeremiah getting the scoop? What's going on?" So they already, probably... Their wheels are spinning, like "Uh-Oh, he's gonna go find the Idol," blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah.


I opened up the clue and I read it. It's the exact same clue that we had at the Beauty tribe. I was like, "You gotta be kidding!" Y'know? Tony and Woo, they don't know me from Adam. They just said, y'know "We've got a Hidden Immunity Idol clue and we choose Jeremiah. We're gonna give it to him." I've got six people watching me. They're gonna be watching every move I make, you know what I mean? I might be the next one voted out!


Back at Solana – where "Shame on you, Lindsie [sic]" had been scrawled into the sand – the tribe welcomed back Tony and Woo with their plunder. Tony and Woo also revealed the clue to the Idol, and told Jefra, LJ, and Trish about their trick on Jeremiah. Tony continued to reveal his gameplay, admitting to the tribe that he'd lied about his occupation in construction and telling them that he was a police officer. The tribe was surprised and amused by his gameplay, though it made LJ a bit wary. Nevertheless, the five agreed to stick together as Trish, jokingly, got in on the honesty game, "revealing" that she was a man.

Tony and Woo brought back tons of comfort items. We've got a mosquito net, pillows, blankets, spices, salt, pepper! Things that LJ and I haven't got to enjoy from the very beginning.


Tony is playing this game full-out, y'know. Hardcore balls-to-the-walls. Every way possible, he's lying, stealing, and cheating, and I'm just glad he's on my side!


I bonded with the old Aparri tribe for thirteen days and I had nothing. Nothing for them. No feelings for any of them except for Trish. I come here to the new Solana tribe and we just bonded. It's just harmonious now.


So to solidify that he is trustworthy, Tony exposed that he lied... Different. Y'know, I didn't peg him as a smart guy, but he has a lot on his mind and he's not a dummy by any means and I realize, by him exposing all that stuff, that I do need to be on my toes every single point in the game.


Back at Aparri, seeds of dissent were growing regarding Jeremiah's "clue." Alexis approached Spencer regarding Jeremiah's wavering loyalties and untrustworthiness, suggesting he and Sarah might join the Solana tribe at the merge. However, in a confessional, Spencer disclosed his disdain for Alexis and her "phony" persona.

Tony and Woo told us that they had a clue to our Hidden Immunity Idol and they got to elect one person to share it with. They pick Jeremiah which got so many minds thinking and really stirred stuff up over here, so I need to clean it up and I need to make things a little bit more clear-cut because the one person right now that I think is the most untrustworthy is Jeremiah.


Alexis came up to me and it almost seemed like she had planned what she wanted to say which suggests, to me, that she could be playing us a little bit and I think Alexis is a little smarter than she likes to let on. I like girls who own how smart they are and what they can do. Y'know, Alexis is pretty phony to me, so I think that hurts her. She's not to be trusted as far as making moves.


When Alexis and Spencer later asked Jeremiah why he thought he'd been given the clue over Sarah, Jeremiah rationalized that they'd lost the challenge, so why were they getting any form of reward? When Alexis asked him if it was a clue, he said it was the exact same clue they'd found at Solana and theorized that they were trying to set him up. However, Alexis doubted the story, as did Spencer.

The clue that I got from Tony is the same clue that we had at the other tribe. He said he had to take it back with him, so I handed it to him and he took off. Tony's made a mess for me. Now I gotta work my way through it.


Jeremiah's story is tough to buy. What I think is that Jeremiah got a new clue. It was wrapped, it was a new clue. It looked like a real clue and it looked like a clue to an Idol that's actually here. He's not fooling anyone.


Day 16

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff took back the Immunity Idol before revealing the challenge: Styx. First, the tribe would assemble a staircase using a series of differently-sized posts. They would then climb the staircase into a vertical bamboo maze which would lead them a slide. Once the whole tribe had reached the mat, one tribe member would thread a key through a rope obstacle and then use the key to unlock a machete with which they would cut through a rope, releasing a collection of puzzle pieces. Two other members of the tribe would then use them to assemble a puzzle revealing three numbers to be used on a combination lock. The first tribe to open the lock, releasing their tribe flag, would win Immunity. To even the numbers, Morgan and Tasha sat out for Aparri.

As the tribes began work on the staircase, Solana began to fall behind as LJ slipped in the mud and got their posts in the wrong place. However, Aparri worked quickly to construct their staircase and were quickly up and into the maze. Solana, however, were not too far behind, and soon, both tribes were working together well to traverse the maze, with Sarah and Woo reaching the end of the maze almost neck-and-neck to untie the rope gate to the slide. Solana pulled into a narrow lead as both tribes slide down the rough slide.

With both tribes even going into the next portion, Jeremiah and Tony began working on the keys. Jeremiah regained the lead for Aparri and quickly cut through the rope to release the puzzle pieces. Tony, however, struggled to open the lock to release the machete, extending Aparri's lead. Once he retrieved the machete, however, the puzzle pieces were quickly released and Solana began their puzzle.

Sarah and Spencer worked on the puzzle for Aparri, with LJ and Woo solving it for Solana. Aparri maintained the lead, solving the first number – 41. However, Tony spied their work and relayed the message to LJ and Woo, who then quickly found the pieces for the number 41, despite brief doubt from Woo. Meanwhile, Sarah and Spencer were halfway through their second number as LJ and Woo evened it up. Solana realized they'd solved the second number – 67 – upside down, and flipped the puzzle around, while Sarah insisted that the number was 29. As Solana rapidly assembled their final number, Aparri fought to keep up, but it was a lost cause. Solana solved their last number – 82 – opened their combination lock and released their flag to win Immunity. As the tribe celebrated, Tony loudly shouted "Top five! Top five, baby!" which earned the consternation of the Aparri tribe – particularly Sarah.

Tony shouting out, "Yeah! Top Five! We made the Final Five!" and I counted five people over there and I wasn't standing over there. So I think that's a pretty tell-tale sign that I'm not included in their future plans. So I guess I'm moving on and I'll make a new alliance.


Arriving back at camp, Aparri voiced their frustration at Tony's vocal celebration, noting its stupidity given that they still had the numbers on their side. Alexis theorized that they were confident because they believed they had Jeremiah on their side come merge, and suggested to her tribe that they cut him loose, further pointing to his deception of both her and Morgan at the old Solana camp. Sarah jumped on the opportunity to emphasize her loyalty to the new Aparri tribe by pointing out that her former tribe had clearly excluded her – given Tony's "Top Five" boast. Later, Kass, Spencer, and Tasha met up to discuss the vote before the tribe departed for Tribal Council.

Today was a bummer because we lost the challenge and it sucks because now we have to go to Tribal and I hate Tribal Council. It's not... It's, like, the worst place in the world.


After the challenge, the new Solana tribe was celebrating and Tony blatantly shouted, "Top Five, Top Five!"


Their confidence really revealed a lot today. They gotta think that one of the new Aparri is with them post-merge and the only other person that anybody from their tribe has talked to is Jeremiah. So I think that they believe that they have Jeremiah as their sixth number.


Alexis tried to convince us that we need to blindside Jeremiah. Alexis is trying to make us think that Jeremiah will flip.


The Brain tribe can really go either way right now. In a merge situation, Jeremiah is a liability. It's a question of who's the bigger liability: Jeremiah or Alexis. Both have connections on the other side, both could potentially make deals against us. We'll say yes to Alexis' plan, we'll tell her that Jeremiah being blindsided makes sense for us and then we'll make the decision of what actually makes sense for us.


For tonight, it does seem that the Brains are kinda in control. I mean, everyone knows we're three tight people and we're gonna vote as a bloc. We could go with Alexis and get rid of Jeremiah or we could just vote out Alexis. Everyone's kinda gonna follow our lead. So I think the Brains are in a great position and we just needed people to boss around. The Brain needed a body. We found our zombies, now we're in. (smirks)


At Tribal Council, Sarah lit her torch and the proceedings began. Asked about the tribe divide between the three Beauties, the three Brains, and one Brawn, Kass agreed that it was correct to assume Sarah was in the middle. Morgan, however, pointed out that she and Jeremiah had had "bumps in the road." Jeremiah admitted that he'd lied to her when he'd chosen to vote out Brice Johnston and had since "backed off" to give her space. Kass said that the dissension amongst the "pretty people" was a breath of fresh air for the Brain tribe, adding that "despite what we've been through, it brought us together, whereas what they've gone through seems to have driven them apart."

Spencer said that the Beauty divide benefited them, but cautioned that they needed to "fix the fractures and focus on going forward with a unified tribe." Asked about the need to look toward the merge, Sarah said she'd realized she was "standing alone" after Tony's exclamations at the challenge, arguing that they'd moved on without her, so she needed to cut ties with them. Alexis said it "sounded great in theory," but worried that there was always a chance for someone to reconnect with the other side. When asked who was in trouble at the night's vote, Tasha said that it was down to the fractured Beauties.

Elaborating on the camp raid, Alexis recounted Tony and Woo giving Jeremiah the clue to the Idol, and revealed her concern that they were trying to flip him to their side. Jeremiah countered that they'd given him a clue, which had put a target on his back, but he'd seen through the scam and hoped the rest of his tribe believed his side of the story. Alexis said the vote was "a hundred percent about trust," and argued that Tony and Woo hadn't been trying to target Jeremiah. Morgan interjected that both Alexis and Jeremiah could flip to Solana at the merge, to which Tasha agreed, saying that just when they thought they had it figured out, "here comes another one" to make them second-guess.

From her position in the middle, Sarah was just glad the target was not on her, and again emphasized she was solid with the tribe, but there was one person who was not. Alexis nodded, saying that she, Sarah, and Jeremiah were the only ones with connections to Solana, but they could only trust her and Sarah's word, as they had "never gone back on it once." Spencer concluded that it was a big vote: "If we make the wrong move, we are eleventh, tenth, ninth, eighth, and seventh place, so it's incredibly important."

Jeff then called the vote. Kass voted first, followed by Alexis, who cast her vote for Jeremiah. Sarah and Spencer voted next, with Jeremiah then returning the favor with his vote for Alexis. Tasha followed, with Morgan concluding the vote with "no doubt" in her mind.

Jeff tallied the votes, and when nobody chose to play an Idol, he read the results. The first vote was for Jeremiah, but in a unanimous decision, Alexis was voted out. Completely shocked, Alexis retrieved her torch and could not bear to see it snuffed. She departed Tribal Council in tears, becoming the seventh person eliminated from Survivor: Cagayan. As Jeff sent Aparri back to camp, he observed that they had been unified in their vote, but wondered how deep that unity ran.



Challenge: Idol Hands
Facing off one against one in a fenced off circle, a castaway from each tribe would hold a wooden idol on top of a platform that they would hold in one hand. They would use the other free hand to attempt to knock their opponent's idol off the platform. The castaway whose idol hit the ground last would score one point for their tribe. The first tribe with four points win.
Reward: A raid of the other tribe's camp.
Winner: Solana

Reward Challenge: Idol Hands
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Solana S28 jefra cS28 lj cS28 tony cS28 trish cS28 woo c
Jefra, LJ, Tony, Trish, & Woo
Lost Aparri S28 jeremiah cS28 morgan cS28 sarah cS28 spencer cS28 tasha c
Jeremiah, Morgan, Sarah, Spencer, & Tasha
S28 alexis cS28 kass c
Alexis & Kass
Round Breakdown
Round Winner Loser Total Score
Round 1 S28 spencer c S28 woo c 1-0
Round 2 S28 trish c S28 tasha c 1-1
Round 3 S28 sarah c S28 jefra c 2-1
Round 4 S28 lj c S28 jeremiah c 2-2
Round 5 S28 tony c S28 morgan c 3-2
Round 6 S28 woo c S28 spencer c 4-2


Challenge: Styx
The tribes had to place poles of varying lengths into their holders to form a staircase, and then run up it. They would then make their way through a multistory wooden maze. Once every tribe member had made it through the maze, one tribe member would retrieve a key and use it to unlock a box of puzzle pieces. Two other tribe members then had to use the puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle, which displayed three numbers. They had to use the three numbers to solve a code. The first tribe to solve their code and raise their flag won.
Winner: Solana

Immunity Challenge: Styx
Result Tribe Obstacles Only Key Retriever Puzzle Solvers Sit-Outs
Won Solana S28 jefra cS28 trish c
Jefra & Trish
S28 tony c
S28 lj cS28 woo c
LJ & Woo
Lost Aparri S28 alexis cS28 kass c
Alexis & Kass
S28 jeremiah c
S28 sarah cS28 spencer c
Sarah & Spencer
S28 morgan cS28 tasha c
Morgan & Tasha

Tribal Council

Night 14

Removed from Camp
S28 lindsey pb
Lindsey Ogle

Day 16

Tribal Council 6:
S28 alexis c
Alexis (6 votes)
S28 jeremiah cS28 kass cS28 morgan c
S28 sarah cS28 spencer cS28 tasha c
Jeremiah, Kass, Morgan, Sarah, Spencer, & Tasha
S28 jeremiah c
Jeremiah (1 vote)
S28 alexis c
S28 alexis pb
Alexis Maxwell

Voting Confessionals

During Morgan's confessional, she does not reveal the name written on the parchment.

(voting for Jeremiah) It only takes one lie to lose my trust and you lied, like, a hundred times.


(voting for Alexis) You're the one who's gonna flip. (shrugs)


(voting for Alexis) There's no doubt in my mind that you're gonna flip. So you have to go.


Final Words

(tearfully) I came out here wanting to go all the way to the end. I'm one of the biggest fans and so it really breaks my heart that I can't even make it to the merge. I can't even get that far. I really thought I'd do better than this. I'm really disappointed. (cries)

Alexis Maxwell

Still in the Running

Aparri Luzon Solana
S28 cliff pb
S28 lindsey pb
S28 sarah c
S28 david pb
S28 garrett pb
S28 jtia pb
S28 alexis pb
S28 brice pb
S28 jefra c
S28 tony c
S28 trish c
S28 woo c
S28 kass c
S28 spencer c
S28 tasha c
S28 jeremiah c
S28 lj c
S28 morgan c


Deleted Scenes

  • A deleted scene posted on[2] shows the Aparri tribe talking about Morgan McLeod excluding herself from the tribe, and Alexis Maxwell saying in a confessional about her plans to take Morgan to the Final Three, because she has turned herself into a goat.
  • A deleted scene posted on[3] shows Tony Vlachos putting the remains of Lindsey Ogle's clothes that were left at the Solana camp on the chickens' nest, to try to "have something good from a quitter."



The Bul-ul.

  • After the episode, every castaway has been to Tribal Council at least once. Sarah Lacina was the only castaway to not have attended Tribal Council prior to the episode.
  • The statues used for the Reward Challenge is called the "Bul-ul," a carved statue used by local Igorot farmers to guard their rice crops from pests, as well as a charm to have a plentiful harvest.
  • This episode marks the only time that Aparri went to Tribal Council.

Episode Title

  • The title was quoted from Kass McQuillen saying that the Brains are in control and that the other tribe members are like zombies following their plans.


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