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"We're a Hot Mess"
ExileislanddrewjaclynAt Exile Island, Drew tells Jaclyn he will throw the upcoming Immunity Challenge.
Episode Information
Season: San Juan del Sur
Episode Number: 4/14 (403)
Original Release: October 15, 2014
Viewership (in millions): 9.33[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.3/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Actions vs. Accusations"
Next: "Blood Is Blood"

We're a Hot Mess is the fourth episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


Previously On... Survivor: For Keith, everything was going right. He found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, and after protecting Val at Exile, he gained an ally in her husband, Jeremy. But the rest of his tribe was struggling. Jon lost the flint and Drew simply lost his energy. But at the last Immunity Challenge, they beat Coyopa again, and finally, John Rocker's past caught up to him. At Tribal Council, Coyopa continued to fall apart. The men's alliance crumbled and John wasn't the only one blindsided. Fifteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Jeff Probst

Day 8

Tonight at Tribal, John got voted out. (elated) Yay! Kudos to the team! He was the biggest, strongest guy on our tribe but I feel like, more importantly, you have to have a positive team. So, John's attitude being removed, will help us. Unfortunately, that leaves Dale on the outs.

Baylor Wilson

I probably got comfortable on our five guy alliance and kind of let the social game slide a little bit. I have to put more effort into building trust with people because as of right now, if we lose the next individual Immunity, I'm toast.

Dale Wentworth

Day 9

The other day, we lost our flint and we had to forfeit our fishing gear, we won, to get a new one and it really aggravated me because I'm a big fisherman and I definitely could provide for the tribe. But now, I'm literally starving to death.

Drew Christy

Drew's a lot of talk, lets be honest. He says he can do all these amazing things, then he sleeps for 4 hours. But all we can hear from Drew (mockingly) "fishing gear, fishing gear, we shoulda got the fishing gear!"

Kelley Wentworth

Eating the same portion as a 100 pound girl is really killing me right now. So I think I'm gonna balls up and be like "Work with me, Jeff". I think that's what a good leader does. You have to make decisions that nobody else really wants to do. You know, it's kinda hard to drag these people along and not get much in return. But the thing is, without me, these people would be nothing, you know.

Drew Christy

We are dying to win. I wanna win so bad. We're desperate and continuing to lose, we're on the ropes and, you know, are we going to be able to pick ourselves up or are we going to be the worst tribe in Survivor history? Who knows?!

Alec Christy

I have mixed emotions on how I feel about sending Drew and Jaclyn to Exile. He is somebody who I do trust but if Drew is anything like he is at camp, Jaclyn might be doing most of the firewood collecting. But she's very strong so I think that she can handle somebody like Drew.

Jon Misch

Seeing my boyfriend John, voted out was hurtful. Just to know that everybody is just anti John Rocker. He was the love of my life but things like this happen all the time with John, where he's automatically judged from Day 1 so I kinda prepared myself. But to be without him right now, is such a desperate feeling. All I can do is just try my best and get myself back in the game.

Julie McGee

Being on Exile Island sucks 'cause it's so hot. And there's no shelter so it's rough out here. The good thing 'bout being here with Jaclyn is I got an awesome clue. That's number one. Number two is I got a pretty, Miss Michigan type looking chick out here.

Drew Christy

The fact that I'm a ladies man seems to work in my advantage but I haven't been trying to work that angle too much. Jaclyn is definitely very attractive looking, but the thing is, I'm not out here looking for love. Definitely not with one of my buddy's girls. I'm really out here just trying to strategize and manipulate minds.

Drew Christy

Alec told me his brother's a ladies man (laughs). So I'm like "Oh God!" But I'm not worried about him. I'm just thinking about the game. So I just want to kinda figure out with Drew what's going on, like, and collaborate.

Jaclyn Schultz

I've decided, I'm gonna throw in the next Immunity Challenge because honestly all the girls in my tribe seem a little bit untrustworthy to me. They know in the long run they have no chance in competing against us. I'd like to start whittling down the people on our tribe so I can get myself forward and win the million dollars.

Drew Christy

The other day on Exile Island, I got a clue that there is an Idol over here by the well so I went up here and dig around and kicked around and see if I coulda find it.

Keith Nale

I dug around the sand for about 30 minutes and I thought "I'm wasting my time." Unfortunately, looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short. Look like somebody's already been through there. So I'm thinking "I mighta got beat to the punch."

Keith Nale

I'm thinking I have Keith with me. But now, I found out he's telling everybody that I have the Idol.

Jeremy Collins

I'm pissed. I mean, we're both firefighters. I told you I have your back. If you think I have an Idol, why don't you just come to me? Don't you think that we're on he same page and we coulda used it together? Keith was chillin'. He wasn't on anyone's radar. But now I want him gone because Keith, you are a rat.

Jeremy Collins

I got to thinking "Idols are important in this game. Having one of 'em would be a big thing to have around." And I said "Alright, well, we'll go back, you know, maybe I wasn't... due north or seven steps." So I just poked and prodded around a little more. Thought it done been found but um, obviously not. Matter of fact, it just kinda jumped at me, kinda scared me. I'm probably not going to tell anybody that I have the Idol because the last thing I need is a target on my back. I'm not a brain surgeon but if everybody thinks Jeremy has it, that could be good for me.

Keith Nale

Day 10

Alec feels like a little brother sometimes to me, eventhough he's two years older. He likes to boss me around a little bit so I have to bite my tongue a bunch. I'm like "Hello, I'm not your slave!"

Baylor Wilson

Baylor does things here and there that kinda get on my nerves and I'm not gonna to let her get away with it. She makes it seem like in her life everything's given to her, just like it was for Drew. But she's not my brother so I'm gonna call her on every single thing she does.

Alec Christy

As a kid, my dad didn't go wake Drew up to go wash cars 'cause he knew Drew wouldn't be worth a damn. He came and woke me up. I had to work hard for everything I've gotten and I think in the end it made me a stronger person.

Alec Christy

I think sharing some of that knowledge with others might be what we need to do to get everybody on the same page and just believe that we can beat the other tribe. David can beat Goliath.

Alec Christy

Am I going to throw the Challenge today? That is the million dollar question. People are going to hate me for doing that but I could care less. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get things done.

Drew Christy

I threw the Challenge today because we need to go to Tribal and get some of the snakes that are in our team off. If I don't want to win, we're not going to win. And that's what makes me the kingpin of my tribe.

Drew Christy

I kinda decided on Exile that if I had the opportunity to throw this game, I would. And uh, I did. I don't know if they knew I was throwing it but I could care less because we need to start getting rid of some of the snakes in our tribe. So um, basically I'm a badass, and a manipulator of this game. (laughs)

Drew Christy

My argument today was Julie should be the one to go. She hasn't really been helping in Challenges, she doesn't help around camp. It would be an easy one to agree on. But most importantly, she doesn't have a Loved One.

Jon Misch

My personal biggest threat right now is Kelley. She plays very low-key but at the same time, she's very observant and if you talk to her you know that she has not missed one episode of Survivor. So Kelley's a threat and it's my mission to get people to vote for her tonight.

Drew Christy

This is the thing, I want Keith gone. Keith is trying to go after me so now I don't trust him at all. But Drew, he wants to get rid of Kelley now because he thinks Kelley runs the girls, which is ridiculous. She's not doing anything.

Jeremy Collins

With Drew, there's no throwing back and forth. He's just like "Kelley's going home, and that's it!" And it pissed me off.

Jeremy Collins

Drew, he's scared the girls are going to vote out guys which is stupid. We don't even have the numbers to do that but he's convinced of this girl-girl alliance. Luckily, the guys have kind of a mess, you know. They're not on the same page, which is good.

Natalie Anderson

Getting rid of Drew. That would be so sweet if we can pull this off. He's so annoying but we have to do it now while the guys are all over the place.

Natalie Anderson

I was standing by the shelter and I heard Drew leading the charge to get me out and I was like "What the hell?!" I don't know what it is. Maybe he's just threatened by me, you know, as a strong female. But Drew gets this vision in his head and he's like the king of it. He has to be the one to like give the final decision and I think people are getting over that really, really quickly.

Kelley Wentworth

This is how it's going right now: the girls want to get rid of Drew. Yes, he's a moron. But that's a big move and it makes me nervous.

Jeremy Collins

The problem is the guys are all over the place. Drew is saying "Kelley's the play." Jon is like "We're going after Julie." And, I want to get rid of Keith. Its just crazy. Maybe we should get rid of Drew. He's digging his own grave but I'm just not sure if it's the right time.

Jeremy Collins


Reward (Hero Duel)

Challenge: Tromp Stomp
One person from each tribe will use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags of balls. Once they have the balls, they will use a catapult to launch those balls into a series of five baskets. The first person to get one ball in each basket wins reward for their tribe.
Reward: Option to chose between comfort items and campfire food. ( Hunahpu chose comfort items)
Winner: Hunahpu (Jon Misch chose Drew Christy to accompany Jaclyn Schultz to Exile Island)

Reward Challenge (Hero Duel): Tromp Stomp
Result Tribe Representative Spectators
Won Hunahpu S29 jon t
S29 drew tS29 jeremy tS29 julie tS29 keith tS29 kelley tS29 missy tS29 natalie tS29 reed t
Drew, Jeremy, Julie, Keith, Kelley, Missy, Natalie, & Reed
Lost Coyopa S29 jaclyn t
S29 alec tS29 baylor tS29 dale tS29 josh tS29 wes t
Alec, Baylor, Dale, Josh, & Wes


Challenge: The Cruel Sea
One person from each tribe will swim out, then race up a platform, dive into the water and retrieve a ring and bring it back. The next person from the tribe will then do the same. Once a tribe has collected all four rings, the two remaining tribe members will attempt to land those rings on posts. The first tribe to finish wins Immunity.
Winner: Coyopa

Immunity Challenge: The Cruel Sea
Result Tribe  Ring Retrievers Ring Tossers Sit-Outs
Won Coyopa S29 alec tS29 baylor tS29 jaclyn tS29 wes t
Alec, Baylor, Jaclyn, & Wes
S29 dale tS29 josh t
Dale & Josh
Lost Hunahpu S29 keith tS29 missy tS29 natalie tS29 reed t
Keith, Missy, Natalie, & Reed
S29 drew tS29 julie t
Drew & Julie
S29 jeremy tS29 jon tS29 kelley t
Jeremy, Jon, & Kelley

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S29 drew t
Drew (5 votes)
S29 jeremy tS29 julie t
S29 kelley tS29 missy tS29 natalie t
Jeremy, Julie, Kelley, Missy, & Natalie
S29 julie t
Julie (2 votes)
S29 keith tS29 reed t
Keith & Reed
S29 keith t
Keith (1 vote)
S29 jon t
S29 kelley t
Kelley (1 vote)
S29 drew t
S29 drew bw
Drew Christy

Voting Confessionals

Voting confessionals were not shown on this episode.

Final Words

I knew all along those girls wanted me outta there 'cause I'm obviously a physical and social threat to them. Congrats to 'em, they did a great job by getting me out because in the long run I definitely would've beat them. I just wish I would've been a little bit more chill and kind of roll with the girls rather than kinda gone against them right away because, um, turned out to bite me in my butt.

Drew Christy

Still In the Running

S29 nadiya bw
S29 val bw
S29 john bw
S29 drew bw
S29 alec t
S29 baylor t
S29 dale t
S29 jaclyn t
S29 jeremy t
S29 jon t
S29 josh t
S29 julie t
S29 keith t
S29 kelley t
S29 missy t
S29 natalie t
S29 reed t
S29 wes t


Behind the Scenes


  • This episode was voted the 12th best Survivor episode of all time in the "Top 25 Greatest Episodes of all time" poll by Survivor Oz in 2015.
  • With Drew Christy's elimination, the trend of a female being the first voted out off Blood vs. Water-themed tribes was broken.
  • This episode marks the first nighttime Tribal Council where four people received votes since "The Beginning of the End".
  • This is the only episode of the season where Jaclyn Schultz is not present at Tribal Council.

Episode Title


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