"Walking on Thin Ice"
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Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Samoa
Episode Number: 5/16 (279)
Viewership (in millions): 11.78[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.5/10 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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Walking on Thin Ice is the fifth episode of Survivor: Samoa.


Day 12

Day 13

Day 14


Challenge: Samoa Smoothies
Jeff will spin a roulette-style wheel while one member of each tribe rolls a ball. The ball will land on different ingredients which Jeff would blend into smoothers. In one-on-one matchups, the survivors will race on who gets to down their entire smoothie first. The first tribe to win five matchups wins reward.
Reward: An assortment of meats and spices.
Winner: Galu (sent Shambo Waters to observe Foa Foa)

Challenge: Sack Attack
One man and one woman from each tribe will both hold on to a rope connected to a net while members of the opposing tribe will attempt to shoot coconuts into that net. The more coconuts in the net, the heavier the net will become until the tribe members can no longer hold on. The tribe that holds on to their net the longest wins immunity.
Winner: Galu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Foa Foa
S19 ashley t
Ashley (5 votes)
S19 jaison tS19 liz t
S19 mick tS19 natalie tS19 russellh t
Jaison, Liz, Mick, Natalie, Russell H.
S19 liz t
Liz (1 vote)
S19 ashley t
S19 ashley bw
Ashley Trainer

Voting Confessionals

Jaison did not say anything when he voted.

(voting against Ashley) Listen, please don't take this too personally. You know, we're basically down to six people; we had to choose somebody. I think this is the consensus. Um, I think, just around camp, if you had a little more motivation, sort of self-motivated, and I think the agreement is, maybe at this point, you might be one of the weaker links physically, um, so that's what this is based on, and nothing else. This is tough. I'm sorry to see you go. We'll talk soon.


(voting against Ashley) Ashley, I'm voting for you because, uh, this what my core alliance went with, but, um, this is the hardest vote, I think, I'll make in the entire game. I'm sorry. Love you, girl. You were awesome.


(voting against Ashley) Sorry, but everyone wants to put you out of your misery.


(voting against Ashley) You're lazy. You can't think for yourself. You can't do for yourself, and that's why you gotta go home. It's because of me that you're going home. I'm out here playing for one million dollars; never trust me.

Russell H.

(voting against Liz) I trust you the least out of everyone.


Final Words

Survivor was the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life, but it was the best experience. I have learned so much about myself. I'm such a high maintenance girl, at home. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to go through the things that I've gone through here. I wish that my tribe would beat Galu, and take some wins. Hopefully, one of them can win the million dollars.

Ashley Trainer

Still in the Running

S19 marisa bw
S19 mike bw
S19 betsy bw
S19 ben bw
S19 yasmin bw
S19 ashley bw
S19 brett t
S19 dave t
S19 erik t
Foa Foa
S19 jaison t
S19 john t
S19 kelly t
S19 laura t
Foa Foa
S19 liz t
Foa Foa
S19 mick t
S19 monica t
Foa Foa
S19 natalie t
 Russell H.
Foa Foa
S19 russellh t
S19 russells t
S19 shambo t


Episode Title

  • The episode title is said by Russell Hantz to Liz Kim, after she accuses him of lying to her, saying: "Let me tell you, you're walking on thin ice. Period."