Waiting to Exhale
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring endurace challenge
Appearances: Borneo

Waiting to Exhale is a recurring endurance physical challenge of Survivor. It debuted as the first ever individual Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Borneo, and reappeared in Survivor: All-Stars.


The challenge requires survivors to hold their breath for as long as they can. The contestants are eliminated once they come up for air. Once enough contestants are eliminated, the final few compete in a swimming contest. The first person to complete the underwater obstacle course wins.


In Survivor: Borneo, all ten castaways submerged themselves underwater to see how long they could hold their breath. The top three castaways then had another competition of releasing buoys along a ladder submerged underwater. The first castaway to release all of their ten buoys would win immunity. Greg, Gervase, and Sean made it to the final. In the final, Greg barely beat out Sean for Immunity.

In Survivor: All-Stars, the castaways were divided by sex. The two people of each sex to stay submerged longer pass to the second stage. In the end, the two finalists from each gender have to race to unclip buoys. The two winners would win immunity. Amber and Kathy were the final women, while Lex and Rob were the final men. The women went first, which Kathy defeated Amber for immunity. Rob then defeated Lex for the men's individual immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Merger"
Individual Immunity S1 greg t
Greg Buis
"Anger, Tears and Chaos"
Individual Immunity S8 kathy tS8 robm t
Kathy & Rob M.



  • This was the first ever individual challenge, as well as the first individual Immunity Challenge, in the history of Survivor.
  • Both times this challenge was used, it was the first challenge of the merged tribe.
  • Jenna Lewis is the only castaway to compete more than once. She lost the challenge both times.