Vanua tribe


Tribe Profile
Namesake: Fijian word for "home" or "land"
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Ikabula
Tribe Status: Merged with Ikabula and Takali on Day 21
Challenge Wins: 7
Lowest Placing Member: Mari Takahashi (19/20)
Highest Placing Member: Adam Klein (Winner)

Vanua flag

Tribe Sigil

Vanua buff

Vanua is a tribe from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. They are the "Millennials" tribe. Their tribe color is orange.


Original Tribe

S33 adam tS33 figgy tS33 hannah t
S33 jay tS33 mari tS33 michaela tS33 michelle t
S33 taylor tS33 will tS33 zeke t

Post-Tribe Switch

S33 cece tS33 chris t
S33 david tS33 michelle tS33 zeke t
  • CeCe Taylor, an insurance adjuster from Granada Hills, California.
  • Chris Hammons, a trial lawyer from Moore, Oklahoma.
  • David Wright, a television writer from Sherman Oaks, California.
  • Michelle Schubert
  • Zeke Smith

Tribe History

As the Millennial tribe, Vanua was originally composed of the younger contestants. On the first day, most of the tribe decided to enjoy the beach, and play in the ocean, rather than build the shelter. This would come back to haunt them, as that night a torrential downpour completely wrecked their flimsy shelter and drenched them, lowering morale. Like their rival tribe, they were evacuated on Day 2 to protect them from the typhoon. Despite both these setbacks, they would go on to win the first Immunity Challenge.

A Tribe Divided

During this time, a romantic relationship/alliance budded between Figgy Figueroa and Taylor Stocker, which earned the ire of their tribemates, and in turn split the tribe into two factions; the minority Triforce alliance of Figgy, Taylor, Jay Starrett, and Michelle Schubert against the majority alliance led by Mari Takahashi. Upon losing the second Immunity Challenge, it seemed certain that Figgy would be voted off, due to her closeness with Taylor. However, Jay and Michelle went to work swaying the tribe, and in the end, Mari was blindsided in a 7-3 vote, with Adam Klein and Zeke Smith being the only two other members who stayed loyal to the majority. With them being on the bottom, it seemed certain that either one of them would go home next, but since the tribe won the next two Immunity Challenges, that theory would never come to fruition.

The Generations Mix

On Day 13, the tribe went to what seemed to be a normal challenge. They were shocked when Jeff Probst instructed them to drop their buffs. Upon drawing new buffs, it was revealed that everyone except Michelle and Zeke would be leaving Vanua, and they would be receiving Gen-Xers CeCe Taylor, Chris Hammons, and David Wright. Initially, they appeared to be the weakest tribe, coming in a distant third at their first Immunity Challenge. It seemed like a Millennial would be voted off, specifically Michelle. However, the former Gen-X castaways, in a bold move, flipped on CeCe, sending her home in a 4-1 vote. Even after the vote, Michelle still was on the bottom against the men of the tribe. They would avoid Tribal Council for the rest of their time as a tribe, saving her until the merge.

On Day 21, Vanua and its two rival tribes merged into the Vinaka tribe.



  • Vanua is the fourth "younger tribe" to go against an "older tribe", following Bayoneta, Viveros, and La Flor.
  • Both people voted off of this tribe (both original and post-switch) were minority females who were blindsided.
  • Vanua was the only post-switch tribe where the Gen-Xers outnumbered the Millennials.
    • Despite that, it was the only post-switch tribe to vote off a Gen-Xer.