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Uzma Bashir
S1uk uzma t
Contestant Profile
Hometown: Croxley Green, Rickmansworth
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Survivor Career
Survivor 2001 (U.K.)
Tribe(s): Helang
Finish: 14/16
Challenge Wins: 1
Votes Against: 10
Days Lasted: 10

Uzma Bashir is a contestant from Survivor 2001 (U.K.)


Born in Yorkshire, but now based in the South, Uzma runs a children's nursery business via computer and video links, with a hand-picked management team.

Though she isn't as physical or fit as many of the finalists, she's confident about the social and political side of the challenge and is taking a 'wait-and-see' approach to tactics. She has some experience of hardship (at least as an observer) in Pakistan, Nigeria and Rumania.

Uzma isn't afraid to admit that "personal gain" is a big motivating factor. Though she's not roughed it before, she is one of a family of six siblings so knows the trials and tribulations of communal living.

Survivor: UK 2001

The skills and confidence that have contributed to Uzma's business success in the UK were less evident on Pulau Tiga - partly because she was overshadowed by four very strong extroverts in Helang, partly because she found the physical environment and team challenges harder than she had anticipated. Although she was well liked, she was voted off early because she was not contributing enough or demonstrating her value to the tribe.

Voting History

Uzma's Voting History
Episode Uzma's
Voted Against
1 Helang Tribe Immune
2 J.J.
Andy, Simon, Jayne, J.J.
Andy, Jayne
3 James Andy, James, Jayne, Simon
Voted Off, Day 10

^1 In the second episode, the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between J.J. and Uzma forcing a revote. Simon changed his vote from Uzma, eliminating J.J. entirely.




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