Hello fellow Survivor Wikians! My quick wiki blog entry today is about the current Castaways remaining and the possible alliances and connection that could turn the game anywhere. When Artis was blindsided (yes! they did what I said to the Tribal Council except that they didn't force Abi to player her HII), there are now at least 3 solid two-somes, with 1 seemingly-not-so solid two-some alliances and the alliances left may play differently based on how they choose this upcoming Tribal.

The "major" alliances

1. Tandang - Abi-Maria Gomes, Pete Yurkowski, Lisa Whelchel

2. Kalabaw - Jonathan Penner, Carter Williams, Denise Stapley, Malcolm Freberg

There is also the free-agent Michael Skupin who voted with Kalabaw, eliminating Tandang's Artis Silvester.

The thing about this though, Jonathan (& Carter by extension) doesn't have a strong connection with Malcolm who is formerly part of Tandang, who has an alliance with Denise that tried to vote him off at the 1st Dangrayne TC. Malcolm and Denise can be seen as swings between Tandang/Kalabaw or be an independent rival alliance, but they sided with Kalabaw to offset the number of original Tandang members that are left. With that, I think Malcolm and Denise has a chance of going with Tandang if needed, especially if they think that Penner is having communications with other Tandang.

The 4 main known alliances

1. Good-dang - Skupin, Lisa

2. Bad-dang - Pete, Abi

3. Kalabaw - Penner, Carter (not so solid but seems to trust each other the most)

4. Matsing - Malcolm, Denise

Each pair are the only solid, seems to agree to go F3 with each other, so there is a possibility of alliance team ups.

Now, there are different things that I noticed too:

Contestants Based on Original Tribe

1. Tandang - Skupin, Lisa, Pete, Abi

2. Kalabaw/Matsing - Denise, Malcolm, Penner, Carter

That means Skupin cannot flip back to Tandang to regain numbers and may try to get Lisa to join him in the Kalabaw alliance.

Contestants based on age:

1. Over 40 - Penner, Lisa, Skupin, Denise

2. Under 40 - Malcolm, Abi, Pete, Carter

Malcolm seems to be wary of bringing Denise to the end so he might look for other alliances if he thinks that bringing Denise longer is a bad movel. Lisa, Skupin and Penner seems to get along well, while Denise might want to defect with Malcolm if she thinks that he is a big threat to go to the finals. We'll see what will happen.

Contestants based on gender:

1. Male - Penner, Skupin, Malcolm, Pete, Carter

2. Female - Lisa, Denise, Abi

Females doesn't have the numbers here though so not yet feasible this F8.

So there are so many demographics each castaway left have to have something to socially connect with so there is a possibility of it to be used in future weeks/episodes if they want. Sometimes (or I think most of the time) castaways have to be flexible in order to adapt changes (medievacs and immunities earned) so it would be interesting if one of these "alliances" can be done if Plan A doesn't work. So that is my quick entry today, Zjzr, out!