While I was thinking of what will happen in the episode Little Miss Perfect, I thought of an interesting possible blindside scenario for the next episode:

Seeing that Malcolm & Denise have voted against Tandang, we might see a scenario where they might be targeted first seeing that he has the HII (Hidden Immunity Idol) before targeting the reutrnees and Carter.

We might also see with Lisa that staying with the Tandang -- as tempting it would be to have them in the FTC (Final Tribal Council) -- is emotionally draining and might create an alliance with Penner and his ally Skupin (who both know about Lisa's secret as a former child star) who is more stable enough to create an alliance with but could still make her the winner if those 2 are in the FTC (Jeff Kent would proably have no choice anyway).

These 2 possible scenario could mean one thing: the possible start of the fall of the Terrible Trio (Pete, Abi and Artis).

They now have the majority agains the 3 to remove them and flush Abi's HII, but there is one problem: what if Lisa didn't go with the plan and opted to stay Tandang? They cannot use a concrete split vote without Lisa, and if Lisa doesn't probably Skupin won't (in which he supposedly might be in a good position with Penner as an alliance mate to improve his standing). Well, there is one answer: Target the third wheel of the alliance without them expecting.

This could possibly be the scenario:

1. Concerned: Penner, Skupin, Carter, Denise and Malcolm. Plan: Knowing that Malcolm & Penner could possibly next in the chopping block, they create an alliance to vote one of the Terrible Trio. Now, they only have enough votes to remove one of the others, BUT there is a possible chance that the HII would be given to the person that is targeted by the 5. So, they need to target the least expecting person from the Terrible Trio alliance: Artis, as there is only a slim chance that it would be given to him if the plan is executed quietly (Pete is a threat and Abi is the owner so Artis is the safest bet).

2. Concerned: Penner, Skupin and Lisa. Plan: Now, to make an illusion that a vote split would occur, and seeing that Lisa could go with Skupin out of the Terrible Trio alliance, Skupin & Penner could convince Lisa to go with them (and possibly create sub-alliance with Carter) and create a split vote between Abi and Pete (Lisa's choice). Lisa's choice could be with Malcolm and Carter's "choice", while Skupin, Penner & Denise "choice" would be the other. In reality though, the 5 concerned in (1) would STILL vote against Artis, and to flush the HII they could feel the TC environment that a split vote would occur between Pete & Abi and say that one of the four (Terrible Trio & Lisa) would join in the plan. Abi, possibly to save herself from the split, uses her own HII supposedly negating her votes. When the votes are read, they would be surprised that Artis got the majority of the votes, making it 5-3-1. The HII is flushed and one non-threatening member of the power alliance is eliminated with Pete still having target on his back. In a remote chance that Artis was given the HII and in effect Malcolm uses his for himself or whoever the target is, Lisa's lone vote would be the deciding one, and if Lisa joins with the Terrible Trio in voting that means all votes are nullified meaning that Abi and Malcolm would be immune and the majority would vote out Pete/Artis in the revote.

If Lisa joined with the majority, that means that she could be trusted on some level to go against the remaing Terrible Trio members, and if she doesn't it just means that she could be the next potential target.

Of course, after this Malcolm's HII is still in play, and it would be quite dangerous if Skupin, Penner, Carter and Lisa (if she joins with them) would target his HII next after making an alliance with him and Denise and they might get a bad rep amongst the Jury if they do it. There is one dangerous but probable plan that would flush both existing HIIs currently in play and would probably be one of the most epic blindsides if it happened.

This could be the scenario:

1. Concerned: Penner, Skupin, Carter and Lisa. Plan: Seeing that Malcolm and Abi has the HII, the 4 could create a sub-alliance that would target both HIIs. The plan would be the same as (1) but now Lisa is sure to be part of Step 2 and now Lisa knows about the faux split-vote plan BUT Denise & Malcolm musn't know that Lisa knows about it .

2. Concerned: Skupin & Lisa. Plan: Now, Skupin says to Lisa that within the non-Terrible Trio alliance there is a sub alliance that doesn't include Denise & Malcolm. Skupin says to Lisa that she must tell the Terrible Trio that she was invited to a split vote between Abi & Pete, but thinks that they would target Artis because they have the numbers (Skupin flipped) and that Artis is the least likely person to be eliminated, and try to convince that they must use the Tandang HII on Artis so that their plan would be nothing. The 6 will be probabaly shocked (Denise & Malcolm and the ones that are the only truly shocked though) that Artis was the HII target, meaning that Malcolm (who is a possible target) has to use his HII. Now, Lisa's lone vote would be the deciding one, and seeing that she has the supposed security of the 3 joins with the majority's plan, votes against Pete or Abi.

The 2 HIIs are supposedly eliminated by now and Malcolm & Denise would suspect that someone heard/told that Artis would be the real target. Now, at the next TCs they could eliminate the remaining Terrible Trio members THEN at F6&5 the 4 would target either Malcolm and Denise. The danger here is that at F8 Malcolm and Denise may sense that the other non-Terrible Trio might be plotting behind their backs, but the remaining members of the Terrible Trio would be more welcome in joining the 4 in voting out Malcolm or Denise if one of the 4 would be targeted by Malcolm or Denise. If they were successful though they could just continue picking out the others as they have the majority. Of course whoever wins the upcoming Immunity Challenges could mess the plans up so they have to make sure that Lisa, Carter, Penner or Skupin get the Immunity in the following episodes.

So that is my blog entry for today. Hopefully tomorrow it would be another unpredictable yet logical episode. Zjzr out.