So, we are the Final 9. At first we thought Luzon would go the way of the Matsing, but lo and behold: after 3 of the 4 first eliminations be Brains, now we 5 straight eliminations of a either a Brawn or a Beauty. Now they are in even terms (3-3-3) and kind of makes up from their struggles in the first episodes. Of course the Brains are still in deep trouble (Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox being in the current minority alliance while Kass McQuillen is the free-agent that could be voted out any time) but I hope there are more surprises later on. With the possible new tribe Pagonging I feel like it is almost the first 4 episodes are filler now and I don't like that.

Brawn Brains Beauty
S28 tony c
S28 trish c
S28 woo c
S28 kass c
S28 spencer c
S28 tasha c
S28 jefra c
S28 jeremiah c
S28 lj c

Do you think Kass may actually flip back to the Brains by recruiting LJ McKanas and Jefra Bland seeing that Tony Vlachos has so much power? Will Tony actually blindside Woo Hwang next, which seems counter productive IMO? What would Jeremiah Wood do as there is no Beauty castaway he could hang on? Do you think it is still possible to have a 3-way battle between BBB than this typical 2-way right now? Stay tuned.