Admin Zion here! If you have noticed that many of the tribe names in different pages have highlights in them like this: Hunahpu, Coyopa, Huyopa, Aparri, that is because there would be a new aesthetic addition to the wiki:

The tribehl template! This template is to be used to highlight word/words with the a tribe color. That way you could have a color background for your text even without using a table. You could now mix different words in a cell in a table if more than one tribe is concerned (just like the elimination of Russell Swan in Survivor: Samoa or Colton Cumbie in Survivor: One World in which both tribes visited Tribal Council).

There are 5 versions of the tribehl template:

1. tribehl - This template has the format {{tribehl|<tribename>}} in which if you type the tribename just like in the tribebox templates, you get a highlighted, linked text of that particular tribe, and like the tribebox template automatically changes its text color based on its corresponding tribetextcolor.

2. tribehl2 - This template is like the tribehl, but does not give a link. It uses the same format as tribehl with {{tribehl2|<tribename>}}, so the difference is just that 1 gives a link while 2 doesn't.

3. tribehl3 - This template is like tribebox3 in which you could put any word on it and it would give a display of having a tribe color background without a link, and it's format is {{tribehl3|<tribename>|<text>}}, just like tribehl2 but with the additional <text> information.

4. tribehl4 - This template is like tribehl3 but gives a link instead (format {{tribehl4|<tribename>|<text>}}.

5. tribehl5 - This template is like tribehl4 but gives you the option to give it an alternate text. It's format is {{tribehl5|<tribename>|<link>|<alternate_text>}}, where you put the page link in the first one then the displayed text in the next. This could be helpful if you want a more varied highlight. It does take a while to type though hehe.

Also another feature of each tribehl template is that you could put an additional section on the braces like this: {{tribehl|<tribename>|i}} or {{tribehl|<tribename>|b}} to italicize (type i) or bold (type b) the word. Type "bi" or "ib" to italicize '''and''' bold it. However, if you want to have it in regular format just omit that part (no additional "|" necessary). I had to write it that way because for some reason doing it like ''{{tribehl|<tribename>}}'' causes problems where usually it is not formatted that way.

So that is the new feature of the Wiki and I hope it could help you have a better experience browsing!

- Admin Zion