With Survivor: Blood vs. Water on the way, there is a new elimination mechanic which is Switching. Everytime someone was voted out and sent to Redemption Island, their Loved One still in the game could switch places with that voted out castaway, which does the following:

1. It puts the Loved One in Redemption Island back to game, but it puts it to tribe where the Loved One still in the game was currently. Like what happened with Laura B. and Rupert (Laura B. "currently on" Redemption Island and Rupert currently on Galang), they would switch places meaning Rupert would be on Redemption Island (with the threat of being eliminated if he lost a Duel) and Laura B. would be on Galang (back to the game but replacing Rupert's place, which was a different tribe from where Laura B. originally is). 2. The ones switched would do things in their current status - the one still in the game would do challenges in the tribe and visit Tribal Council if necessary and join in the vote, while the one in Redemption Island would have to live with whoever was sent/switched there and try not to lose Duels to stay.

With that, you could see that the one who switched out of the game (ex. Rupert), if using trading card game terms, was technically put on the discard pile which is Redemption Island (as Jeff said that Rupert is now out of the game after the Switch), while the one in that got back on the game was "revived" but put on the place of the one he/she switched to (which was on the "other side of the field"). That means the castaway Switched to RI was eliminated, and therefore needs to have a note indicating that they were in the Individual Voting Histories.

That is why as of now, I propose on having a row stating "No Tribal Council" whenever a switch happens that would affect who are still in the game. That means on everyone's Voting History there would be a "No Tribal Council" note on the 2nd Row (Rupert's elimination through Swithcing), Laura B. would technically be "On Redemption Island" on her 2nd Row, then her and Rupert would have a "Switched" status row after it (with a superscript note indicating Rupert was put in RI, while Laura B. was put in Galang). Candice meanwhile was sent already to Redemption Island after the 1st vote out, therefore nothing would indicate in her Voting History of "No Tribal Council".

This way there is consistency in all eliminations not through voting/Tribal Councils which "Switching" out is.