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  • Zjzr

    Test Blog for Templates

    April 20, 2015 by Zjzr
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  • Zjzr

    Admin Zion here! If you have noticed that many of the tribe names in different pages have highlights in them like this: , , , , that is because there would be a new aesthetic addition to the wiki:

    The tribehl template! This template is to be used to highlight word/words with the a tribe color. That way you could have a color background for your text even without using a table. You could now mix different words in a cell in a table if more than one tribe is concerned (just like the elimination of Russell Swan in or Colton Cumbie in in which both tribes visited Tribal Council).

    There are 5 versions of the tribehl template:

    1. tribehl -

    So that is the new feature of the Wiki and I hope it could help you have a better experience browsing!

    - Admin Zi…

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  • Zjzr

    So, we are the Final 9. At first we thought Luzon would go the way of the Matsing, but lo and behold: after 3 of the 4 first eliminations be Brains, now we 5 straight eliminations of a either a Brawn or a Beauty. Now they are in even terms (3-3-3) and kind of makes up from their struggles in the first episodes. Of course the Brains are still in deep trouble (Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox being in the current minority alliance while Kass McQuillen is the free-agent that could be voted out any time) but I hope there are more surprises later on. With the possible new tribe Pagonging I feel like it is almost the first 4 episodes are filler now and I don't like that.

    colspan="3" colspan="3" colspan="3"

    Do you think Kass may actually flip back to the B…

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  • Zjzr

    With on the way, there is a new elimination mechanic which is Switching. Everytime someone was voted out and sent to Redemption Island, their Loved One still in the game could switch places with that voted out castaway, which does the following:

    1. It puts the Loved One in Redemption Island back to game, but it puts it to tribe where the Loved One still in the game was currently. Like what happened with Laura B. and Rupert (Laura B. "currently on" Redemption Island and Rupert currently on Galang), they would switch places meaning Rupert would be on Redemption Island (with the threat of being eliminated if he lost a Duel) and Laura B. would be on Galang (back to the game but replacing Rupert's place, which was a different tribe from where La…

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  • Zjzr

    Hello fellow Survivor Wikians! My quick wiki blog entry today is about the current Castaways remaining and the possible alliances and connection that could turn the game anywhere. When Artis was blindsided (yes! they did what I said to the Tribal Council except that they didn't force Abi to player her HII), there are now at least 3 solid two-somes, with 1 seemingly-not-so solid two-some alliances and the alliances left may play differently based on how they choose this upcoming Tribal.

    The "major" alliances

    1. Tandang - Abi-Maria Gomes, Pete Yurkowski, Lisa Whelchel

    2. Kalabaw - Jonathan Penner, Carter Williams, Denise Stapley, Malcolm Freberg

    There is also the free-agent Michael Skupin who voted with Kalabaw, eliminating Tandang's Artis Silvester…

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