This is a new blog series where I will post a blog and thread about this week's episode of Survivor and I will post questions and you guys answer! You guys can post your own questions in the comment section below!


We saw all the twists that were expected, First Impressions vote(Strategy involved), boasting after challenges(Gervase), an All-Men's alliance created, and bunch of other stuff.


  • First Impressions vote took place.
    • Candice is voted out from Galang and Laura B. is voted out from Tadhana.
    • Rupert switches with his wife to take her spot on Redemption Island.
    • John opts to not do the same with Candice.
  • Colton vows to not be the same person he was (Makes up with Monica)
    • Tells his sad story around the campfire
  • Challenge for Immunity and Fire takes place.
    • Tadhana gets a huge lead with teamwork while Gervase slows down Galang.
    • Tadhana's lead gets evaporated at the Puzzle Station and Galang takes advantage and pulls out the win.
    • At the end Gervase boast and celebrates even after his horrible performance.
  • Coming back from the loss  Brad creates a All-Guys alliance.
    • They target either Katie or Marissa, Marissa due to Gervase, being his niece.
  • Vytas tells the girls about the Guys deciding who goes home.
  • At Tribal Council Marissa is ultimately sent home due to Gervase's big mouth.
  • During next show's preview it seems like Colton returns as the player he was on One World.


First Question......

What do you think about the First Impressions vote? Do you think any Strategy was involved and if so, what strategy was involved?

Second Question.....

Do you think Tadhana will recover from the loss? What do you expect from their next challenge performance?

Third Question......

Will the Tadhana guys alliance hold up? What are you predicting from their alliance?

Fourth Question......

What will happen to Colton next episode?  Will he be voted out or saved?

Fifth Question.....

Who are the two people who will survive the Redemption Island duel?

Final Question......

What is Gervase's fate?

P.S. You don't have to answer all the questions, only the one's you choose. Please label your answers like this....1.           2.      like that.

Thanks for participating in this Week's Survivor Reactions! Stay tuned for next week's episode!