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  • Z-Scope 9

    Guess what. I am now officially a one-account user. I will only use this account. Ian, if you see this, please unblock me on the fanon wiki. Also, ban Tommy, Xavier, and Marcus from the wikis. I just want to be a normal, one-account user.

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  • Z-Scope 9

    User: Angry birds12 aka Jason from Nepal and User:Prettyflywhiteguy aka Dale from Turkey may be the same person. Can someone perform an I.P check on these two? I just want to know if they're socks or not.

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    Simulated Seasons

    February 12, 2014 by Z-Scope 9

    I am doing simulations of every season of Survivor.

    Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
    Dirk Been
    23, Spring Green, WI
    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 6
    Stacey Stillman
    27, San Francisco, CA
    2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 10
    Ramona Gray
    29, Edison, NJ
    3rd Voted Out
    Day 9 6
    Kelly Wiglesworth
    22, Las Vegas, NV
    4th Voted Out
    Day 12 4
    B.B. Andersen
    64, Mission Hills, KS
    5th Voted Out
    Day 15 8
    Rudy Boesch
    72, Richmond, VA
    6th Voted Out
    Day 18 5
    Colleen Haskell
    23, Miami Beach, FL
    rowspan="10" 7th Voted Out
    Day 21 8
    Sonja Christopher
    63, Walnut Creek, CA
    8th Voted Out
    1st Jury Member
    Day 24 13
    Gervase Peterson
    30, Willingboro, NJ
    9th Voted Out
    2nd Jury Member
    Day 27 5
    Jenna Lewis
    22, Franklin, NH
    10th Voted Out
    3rd Jury Member
    Day 30 4
    Joel Klug
    27, Sherwood, AR
    11th Voted Out
    4th Jury Me…

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