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Survivor Hit and Heal:

Favorite Recent Player Results

S31 Stephen Fishbach
 25th Place 
Stephen F.
S29 Drew Christy
 24th Place 
Drew Christy
S28 Woo Hwang
 23rd Place 
Woo Hwang
S28 Tony Vlachos
 22nd Place 
Tony Vlachos
S31 Kelly Wiglesworth
 21st Place 
Kelly Wi.
S30 Tyler Fredrickson
 20th Place 
Tyler F.
S30 Mike Holloway
 19th Place 
Mike Holloway
S31 Terry Deitz
 18th Place 
Terry Dietz
S29 Baylor Wilson
 17th Place 
Baylor Wilson
S31 Joe Anglim
 16th Place 
Joe Anglim
S29 Keith Nale
 15th Place 
Keith Nale
S30 Carolyn Rivera
 14th Place 
Carolyn Rivera
S28 Spencer Bledsoe
 13th Place 
Spencer B.
S28 Tasha Fox
 12th Place 
Tasha Fox
S30 Joaquin Souberbielle
 11th Place 
Joaquin S.
S29 Jon Misch
 10th Place 
Jon Misch
S31 Abi-Maria Gomes
 9th Place 
Abi-Maria G.
S30 Jenn Brown
 8th Place 
Jenn Brown
S27 Katie Collins
 7th Place 
Katie Collins
S27 Ciera Eastin
 6th Place 
Ciera Eastin
S27 Aras Baskauskas
 5th Place 
Aras B.
S28 Kass McQuillen
 4th Place 
Kass McQuillen
S29 Natalie Anderson
 3rd Place 
Natalie A.
S27 Hayden Moss
 2nd Place 
Hayden Moss
S27 Tina Wesson
 Favorite Player 
Tina Wesson