• YoungMork18

    Hey everybody. So I recently posted some Total Drama inspired illustrations of a made up installment of Survivor, called Survivor: Indonesia. I created to completely made-up tribes, with 9 castaways each, and a merged tribe made up of the 11 left. Each castaway is already equipped with there own personality a style of gameplay. I've already completed the placement of each contestant, including the total number of votes received, challenges won and lost, and who voted for whom at each tribal council.

    My question is would anybody be interested in seeing the entire series play out? If so, comment below. If there's further cooperation, I would require help on creating an official season layout complete with placements, episode information, and voti…

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  • YoungMork18

    What if...

    January 22, 2014 by YoungMork18

    As we enter our 28th season of Survivor and 14th year of the series all together, let's look back on the past decade and a half and think, what if things didn't happen the way they did? It's something that has been torturing my mind for the past couple weeks. What if one little event in Survivor history was different, and it drastically changed the dynamic of each sub-sequent installment. Though I'm only going to be listing one or two events per season, what are other events in Survivor history that would change the course of the show?

    • What if Richard Hatch didn't answer 7 to Greg Buis' jury question? 
    • What if the Tagi voting pact was never formed?
    • What if Colby Donaldson didn't bring Tina Wesson to the final two?
    • What if Michael Skupin never …
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