Once again, the underdog tribe Vavau lost, and Phoebe sent gay Craig home. 14 are left. Who will be going home tomorrow?

1. Saanapu

These guys are the A-team. Seems like this could be one of the best tribes we've ever seen in the entirety of Survivor.

1. Lee (+1)

Lee seems to be very popular amongst the ladies, so I think he's going to stay here longer, especially since he's  a really physical player.

2. Sam (-1)

Sam is in a good position too, but Lee seems to be more liked than Sam from what I can see from last episode. 

3. Brooke (-)

Brooke could either flip to Lee and El, two former Aganoa members, or stay with her original Saanapu alliance. Certainly, her original alliance has more numbers, but Matt seems to really annoy her. She could lure Nick and Jennah, two former Vavau members, and that would mean that alliance would be the majority. Brooke could go either way. I'll guess we can confirm that tomorrow.

4. El (+3)

El is a former Aganoa member, and if Brooke flips and lures the two former Vavau members, El is in a really good spot.

5. Jennah-Louise (+3)

JL will probably join Brooke, Lee, El and Nick in an alliance to combat the other four. But if that doesn't happen, I'm sure she won't be voted off. 

6. Nick (+3)

Nick is the neutral guy. He isn't a physical player, nor someone who is jealous. Nick could join the alliance that could possibly be created, and still be in a good spot. Like I said, 5 against 4. Nick is in the majority.

7. Kylie (-2)

Kylie, Sam, Matt and Flick are possibly in trouble. However, some girls may campaign to keep her and vote off Matt.

8. Flick (-2)

Per above.

9. Matt (-5)

I said I liked this guy, and I still do, but he is jealous of Lee. Matt's going to have to pull off some magic if his tribe loses. But even then, Saanapu is the best tribe we've seen in Australian Survivor history. My prediction is he will be voted out next week.

2. Vavau

Vavau voted off Craig, but was it the right move? Will they win tomorrow?

1. Kate (+2)

Kate is neutral, and I don't think anyone will be gunning for her. I suggest she should improve her challenge skills so Vavau will not become a weak 4.

2. Sue (+4)

I know Sue is a physical liability, and she has so many connections with people which makes her a social threat, but Sue won't go home unless Conner, Phoebe and Kristie come together and vote her out.

3. Conner (+2)

Conner did tell Phoebe she was going home, and that may question his trustworthiness to Kate and Sue. But I think he will not go home. If he stays quiet, he may be the swing vote as to who goes home. Also, Phoebe and Kristie may turn on him if he trusts them which could happen tomorrow. Kate, Sue and Conner, I presume, are all together, and seem to gun for Phoebe.

4. Kristie (-2)

Long story short. If Phoebe doesn't go home, Kristie probably will.

5. Phoebe (-4)

I don't think she's going to find another idol and play it. I should note in the preview Phoebe would turn on her ally Kristie just to stay in the game. Kristie would be blindsided, but if there isn't a merge or tribe swap after that, Phoebe is definitely going home.

Evicted castaways:

15th Craig

As the first LGBT contestant on Australian Survivor, I thought he would go far. He didn't. See, you can't always be sure your target is going home. You could have hired Andrew to poke into Phoebe's business.

16th Andrew

I question if voting out Andrew was the right thing to do. I mean, he was a physical liability, but it would have been better for Craig's game, as Andrew could sneak around Phoebe like rat while Phoebe would be alone.

17th Kat

18th Rohan

19th Tegan


21st Peter

22nd Evan 

23rd Bianca

24th Des

I actually wonder if the Aganoa camp is completely destroyed, and if Des made it durable enough. Hmm...

Other notes:

  • The merge will probably take place at 11 or 12 castaways.
  • There will be a final 2 facing a jury of 9.
  • Either Phoebe or Matt will probably go home.

Top 5 events for me (so far):

  1. Nick's "king's throne" poem as a hidden immunity idol clue
  2. The tribal council when Rohan was blindsided
  3. Matt drinking a litre of chocolate milk
  4. "Chester" the chicken
  5. The 'mud run' challenge

If you want to share your opinion on the rankings or events, feel free to enter it in the comment box below! 

I'll see you guys next week.