In case you didn't know, I am a Year 7 student in Victoria, Australia. I am here to discuss my power rankings with you guys.

1. Saanapu

This tribe has got the strongest players eg. Sam , Lee. If there isn't a tribe swap or merge in the next few days, it looks like we won't be seeing Saanapu at Tribal Council.

1. Sam

Between Lee and Sam, I would pick Sam as the strongest physical player. He singled-handedly carried 24kg at the last reward challenge. As I can see, he is likable, so I don't expect to see him gone next time.

2. Lee 

A strong physical player. It's not like his tribe are going to pick off the strongest players, especially using an idol, which happened to Rohan a few days ago. As well as Sam, if a tribe swap or merge comes, he may have a target on his back. My only other concern is he is a former Aganoa member, so him and El may be in trouble. I wonder is what Evan said in his exit confessional would fortell their fortune. But for now, he's good. 

3. Brooke 

I think she'll be safe, but a sooner tribe swap or merge may do it.

4. Matt 

I like this guy. He drank a litre of chocolate milk in one go. Same position as Brooke.

5. Kylie 

Kylie's probably safe, but others may fear she has another idol in her pocket.

6. Flick 

She was mentioned as a social threat by Bianca, but I don't think she'll be in trouble this week.

7. El 

She is a former Aganoa member, but if her tribe loses, she might not be what they're looking to blindside. But still, always a possibility.

8. Jennah-Louise

I can't really say anything else about her, except the fact she was a former tribe member of Nick. There is a possibility she could call him out, and if she does, she puts a giant target on her back.

9. Nick

He isn't one of the physical players, and he can't rely on hs tribe winning every single challenge. I see him as a strategic person. If his tribe loses, Jennah-Louise, a former tribe member of Nick, may call him out and blindside him.

2. Vavau

The reject tribe. Where do I start? They lost all the challenges they could. Over that time, a strong physical player went home, then an underdog , and finally a super villain.

1. Phoebe 

She found an idol last time, so if she uses it properly, she'll be able to send her target home, that is, if the alliance sticks together. Her target will be either Sue or Conner, most likely Sue due to her weakness in challenges.

2. Kristie

Phoebe has the idol, so Kristie should be safe this week. I don't think she'll turn on Phoebe at this point of the game.

3. Kate

Kate should be safe too, as her alliance is steady. Won't expect her to go.

4. Craig

Craig did vote with the girls voting out Andrew, but the girls may oust him viewing him as a social threat. But I think Craig should gain their trust. Also, it probably wasn't good for Craig's game voting Andrew out. This means the girls (minus Sue) are taking control, and Craig may go home sooner than if he had voted for Kristie. Craig and Kate are also close, so Kate might convince Phoebe and Kristie to vote out someone else. But right now, he is the strongest physical player on this tribe. I should note that in the preview, Craig is trying to find the idol when Phoebe already has it, so Phoebe not telling him may mean something...

5. Conner

He's only higher up on the list because he is stronger than Sue when it comes to challenges. Last week, Conner was loyal to Andrew, so the majority alliance may target him and Sue.

6. Sue

The only way Sue can survive is if she, Craig, and Conner form an alliance and convince one of the girls to jump ship. However, Sue and Craig are, as far as I can see, quite close, so Craig could convince to others to flip to Conner. Sue did hold on courageously to her rope at the last Immunity challenge, but her tribemates may question her ability in future challenges.


16th Andrew

I was rooting for this guy, but it looks like he played too hard. If Andrew put a little more effort in challenges, maybe he would have stayed. But he didn't. He could have blindsided more people. On another note, he received around 40% of the votes in the leaderboard, so I can see people like him. It would have been interesting if him and Nick were in the final two, see which one is the better strategist. Andrew had a lot of potential. This supervillain deserves a second chance. 

17th Kat

Kat the underdog fought to stay. She's kind of like Alecia from Survivor: Koh Rong, only with a better placement. At least she went further than Des and Rohan, her two enemies.

18th Rohan

Damn Rohan! You gave your idol to Phoebe, and boom! You were blindsided by two people. It is surprising the Vavau alliance didn't vote him out. Rohan was a physical player, so it probably was a dumb move for Kat and Kristie. On the leaderboard, he received 1%. Not many people like him for some reason. 

19th Tegan

All because of Nick. Nick asked her to become allies, they go together to choose between loyalty and deceit, Nick chooses Tegan to go with him to Saanapu, and then Tegan is taken out as she is the weaker of the duo. That time was a great opportunity to take out Nick. Nevertheless, I felt Tegan wouldn't play a major role in this game.

20th Barry

Barry's strategy: Name out of the hat. Really Barry? He should have done better in challenges too. He were a former professional rugby player! Least deserves a second chance.

21st Peter

Peter tried his best to get voted out, but Bianca ruined it for him. Thanks, Bianca. Peter, why did you even come here in the first place? Peter was a great leader, just not strong enough to survive 55 days.

22nd Evan 

Evan, you are a mastermind! Evan found an idol clue from two idiots, but then called them out, and was blindsided. Then here comes the interesting part. This is from his exit interview:

"So when I left, I said 'Good luck playing the idol' because I honestly believe he has it, and I can still impact this game by walking out the door because I really look forward to when it crumbles for him and Lee and El get that moment in their minds and they go 'We made a mistake. We made a big mistake.'"

Not sure if that last part was true, but Rohan did make his mistake, so Evan is right.

All hail Evan!

23rd Bianca

Bianca, you signed your own death warrant. You heavily targeted one social threat before targeting another, and now look where you are. Bianca was strategic, just played the game too hard. That's why you don't call people out.

24th Des

The first time I saw him, I knew he was going home. I knew immediately Des wouldn't do any work. Although he did after the Immunity Challenge, it was a bit too late, and Des was voted out. It is a shame, as he would have been a power player.

Other notes:

  • The merge will probably take place at 11 or 12 castaways.
  • There will be a final 2 facing a jury of 9.

Top 5 events for me (so far):

  1. Nick's "king's throne" poem as a hidden immunity idol clue
  2. The tribal council when Rohan was blindsided
  3. Matt drinking a litre of chocolate milk
  4. "Chester" the chicken
  5. The 'mud run' challenge

If you want to share your opinion on the rankings or events, feel free to enter it in the comment box below! 

I'll see you guys next week.