Yes! It's finally here! The merge! Can't wait til next week!

Merged Tribe (black, unfortunately)


1. Brooke

Brooke pretty much knows almost everything of what happened to Vavau before the merge, so she may be able to take out a Vavau.


2. Flick

I think Brooke and her are pretty good, so she probably won't be going home.

3. JL

Refer to above.

4. El

Refer to above.


5. Kylie

Kylie may be a target, but there are bigger targets to go for.

6. Lee

Lee is a bit further down, and that's because he is a major physical threat, but if he wins the Immunity Challenge, then he's safe. For a while.

7. Sam 

Refer to above.

Bad spot

8. Matt

Matt might be more jealous next episode, but there are more targets, like...

9. Conner

Conner is from Vavau, so he has a target on his back. Most seasons, the majority tribe at the merge vote out the minority tribe, so he may have to look out.

10. Kate

People may realise she is a social threat, and she is from the minority tribe, so again, she will have to look out and make alliances with others.


11. Kristie

Kristie is definitely a game threat, and it would be best to get rid of her before the jury phase, as she is a jury threat, and can be bitter to the Final Two.

12. Nick

Nick is targeting Sue for her untrustworthiness of voting him out of the tribe a few weeks ago. But that does put a target on HIS back too. Nick is pretty good with puzzles, so if one comes up at the Immunity Challenge, Nick is almost sure to win.

13. Sue

Sue is being targeted by Nick. Nick can tell everyone Sue is one to go for, so Sue should make more alliances. Her best move is to stay with Brooke, and try and get someone to be more obvious for Nick to vote out. But she still is in trouble.

Evicted castaways:

14th Phoebe

If Jonathan didn't give that twist away sending Sue to Saanapu, it would have been a different story. Kate and Conner voted Phoebe, which surprised me. What would have been cool is if the vote was 2-2, then 1-1, then a rock draw. Also , it would have been cool if Phoebe went to the merge. She could have eliminated big players like Nick and strong players like Lee. But she didn't. Bye Phoebe.

15th Craig

16th Andrew

17th Kat

18th Rohan

19th Tegan

20th Barry

21st Peter

22nd Evan 

23rd Bianca

24th Des

Other notes:

  • The merge will probably take placed at 11 or 12  13 castaways.
  • There will be an Auction! YESSSSS!
  • There will be a final 2 facing a jury of 9, meaning two castaways will be eliminated before the jury phase.
  • Either the previous Vavau, Sue, or Nick will go home.

Top 5 events for me (so far):

  1. Nick's "king's throne" poem as a hidden immunity idol clue
  2. The tribal council when Rohan was blindsided
  3. Matt drinking a litre of chocolate milk
  4. "Chester" the chicken
  5. The 'mud run' challenge

If you want to share your opinion on the rankings or events, feel free to enter it in the comment box below! 

I'll see you guys next week.