Unfortunately, tonight was a non-elimination episode. Nonetheless, I'm still doing my power rankings.

1. Saanapu

Saanapu gained Sue, making the numbers 10-4. Will Sue have any impact on the tribe?

1. Lee (-)

Nothing to add here. The only downfall for him is if he gets evacuated, which would be bad for him and Saanapu. Strong players do get evacuated, but I think that will happen later in the game.

2. Sam (-)

Refer to above.

3. El (+1)

I feel El is invisible most of the time, but if she can stay that way, she'll be safe.

4. JL (+1)

I feel I don't know enough about JL, but I guess I can find out later in the game if she stays quiet.

5. Flick (+3)

Refer to above.

6. Nick (-)

Nick is the puzzle king, so I think his tribe may keep him if they don't see him as a threat.

7. Sue (0)

Sue is new, but I think there is a fair amount of chance she will get welcomed into a good alliance by Brooke.

8. Brooke (-5)

I'm surprised Brooke chose Sue. She did gain a bit of knowledge on Vavau, but she may not want to give all that information, which puts a target on her back. Maybe Brooke chose Sue as an extra alliance member, which will probably true, or put her as a pawn so if in any circumstances Saanapu loses an immunity challenge, Sue can go home, which is probably not true.

9. Kylie (-2)

I'm not sure if her tribe remembers Kylie not moving to give more space in bed one night. If they do, Kylie may be the next to go.

10. Matt (-1)

Matt is still on the block, and Brooke may make the move to get rid of him and his jealousy.

2. Vavau

I always root for the underdogs, but I give up. Vavau sucks.

1. Kate (-)

No one hates Kate, so she's good. She just needs to make the right decision for who to take out: Phoebe or Kristie. 

2. Conner (+1)

Similar to Kate, no one hates Conner. He needs to talk to Kate about who to take out. Taking out Kristie, I think, would be wrong on their part, as clearly, Phoebe is seen as the mastermind.

3. Phoebe (+2)

I can see Conner and Phoebe are in an alliance, so Conner may convince Kate to vote Kristie, and Kristie would go home in a 3-1 vote.

4. Kristie (-)

Kristie's probably going home. She can argue all she want, but I think Conner will definitely vote Kristie. Kristie has to convince Kate to vote Phoebe, then it would be a tie: 2-2. Then it would be 1-1, although I have a small inkling it could be 2-0 if Kate flips. One big move for Kristie is if she, Phoebe and Conner all blindside Kate in a 3-1 vote. However, Survivor always has twists, and she might not go home. 

Evicted castaways:

15th Craig

16th Andrew

17th Kat

18th Rohan

19th Tegan

20th Barry

21st Peter

22nd Evan 

23rd Bianca

24th Des

Other notes:

  • The merge will probably take place at 11 or 12 castaways.
  • There will be a final 2 facing a jury of 9.
  • Either Kristie or Matt will probably go home.

Top 5 events for me (so far):

  1. Nick's "king's throne" poem as a hidden immunity idol clue
  2. The tribal council when Rohan was blindsided
  3. Matt drinking a litre of chocolate milk
  4. "Chester" the chicken
  5. The 'mud run' challenge

If you want to share your opinion on the rankings or events, feel free to enter it in the comment box below! 

I'll see you guys next week.