26. Natalie, Samoa
Talk about a bitter jury. Natalie played a bad Stratagy game and physical game and just relied on her social game to get to the end because everyone liked her. I hate Russell but he should have won.

25. Fabio, Nicraugua
I'll admit throughout the game I rooted for Fabio. I knew his days were numbered once Benry, Sash and Chase started targeting him, but I never expected him to win. He got lucky because he pulled off miraculous immunity wins near the end.

24. Vecepia, Marqueses
In a season where everyone was bored, it would have been nice to see Rob come through. However, Vecepia won after playing a social game and flying under the radar by doing nothing.

23. Sandra, Heroes v. Villians
In the best season ever, the bitter jury bit Russell and Parvati and flew them to the end, to get beat by Sandra, who I'd loosely consider a Villian. However, it was hilarious when she burned Russell's hat.

22. Sophie, South Pacific
What did Sophie do to win? All she did was align with Coach in the majority alliance. However, she was more likable than Coach and Albert, where we won.

21. Amber, All-Stars
There are two reasons Amber won All-Stars. First, she aligned with Rob and he made all of the strategic descisons to make the bitter jury vote for Amber. Second, she flew under the radar because of playing an average game in the Outback.

20. Danni, Guatemala
Danni played a solid Social game, and made a couple of good strategic moves like actually bringing someone to the finals you can beat.

19. Aras, Panama
Aras was good, but I feel as if Cirie carried him to the finals by making most of the strategic moves and carrying him by flying under the radar.

18. Tina, Australian Outback
When everybody thinks of Tina, they think of Colby's decision to take her instead of Keith who would've been an easy win. But she won for a reason because she was nice and she never made anyone mad in the jury.

17. Earl, Fiji
Earl played a great social game. However, he played an average strategic game, as mad as I was when he got out Yau-Man, it was a smart move, as he would've lost. He never won an individual immunity. I think Yau did a lot to bring him to the end as well.

16. Bob, Gabon
Bob played a perfect physical and social game. He won five individual  immunities in a row when it matters most. As the rest of the onion alliance was withering away, he bested the second-generation Fang. Everybody liked him as he won the million bucks.

15. Ethan, Africa
Ethan played a very likeable game. Ethan and Lex stayed loyal throughout. However, Lex made most of the strategic moves and Kim chose Ethan to go to the finals with her.

14. Chris, Vanuatu
At one point, Chris was down, 6 women to 1 man; him. I'll hand it to him, he had a strong social game and he won the immunity when he needed to.

13. Sandra, Pearl Islands
The Outcasts twist might have won Sandra the game. Lillian was brought to the end because she was no threat and no one would give her the million. It would have been Andrew and Rupert (maybe) if the outcasts twist didn't screw everything up. She was likable enough and played with good strategy.

12. Jenna, Amazon
Jenna went her way through the game by flirting and it worked. She seemed to convince the jusy that she was the best. She had good strategy and outlasted everybody. She was good physically too, as she won the final two immunities two and making Rob C. think she would be taking him.

11. Denise, Philippines
Denise was at EVERY TRIBAL COUNCIL. And she made it through all of them. She had a solid alliance with Malcolm and everyone believed they could trust her. Well, they could. She was very liked and as a therapist she always knew what to say.

10. Yul, Cook Islands
Playing a great strategic game, he made big moves by eliminating players of the likes of Candice, Johnathan, Parvati etc. and outsmarted them all. He was great with puzzles which let him win some challenges.

9. JT, Tocantins
JT played one of the best games ever from a social and physical standpoint. He let his buddies Stephen and Taj do most of the dirty work so by the final tribal he had the cleanest hands versus Stephen. Everyone on the island loved him.

8. Cochran, Caramoan
Cochran played a great strategic game, everybody liked him and he won 4 INDIVIDUAL CHALLANGES! No one expected that and next thing you know he blindsided his whole alliance virtually and was the orchestrator of many others. He blindsided many people- Malcolm, Corinne, Andrea, Brenda, and all of those jury members voted him for the million. Everybody thought Phillip decided who the S R U was going to vote out; No, that was Cochran.

7. Brian, Thailand
In a season with a horrible cast and horrible twist, the sleeze-ball used car salesman Brian dominated. I related his game to Russell in the was he played ruthlessly. Nobody liked him and his used car salesmen skilles came in and everybody believed what he said.

6. Richard, Borneo
I think he played great, but the cast was just so stupid and were so clueless. He made the first alliance ever, and a successful one too, with Kelly, Rudy and Sue. He beat Kelly 4-3 for the first ever sole survivor title.

5. Todd, China
Todd played a great game in the fact that everybody liked him and he was very strategic along the way blindsiding the likes of James with two idols. Todd never even won immunity, showing how strategic he was.

4. Parvati, Micronesia
Parvati was responsible for so many blindsides yet still won- Erik, Jason, Alexis, Ozzy, Yau-Man. She has flirted her way through the game and has made everyone trust her. She knew when to make the right moves then.

3. Tom, Palau
For A Winner, Tom might be most likable. IN real-life he's a firefighter and backstabbed no one. Everybody liked him as he played with so much integrity and loyalty to his partnership with Ian.

2. Kim, One World
With a dumb cast, she played almost a perfect game. Everybody liked her, everybody believed she was taking them to the end. She won for individual challenges, tying the all-time female record. And she was very strategic along the way.

1. Rob, Redemption Island
Rob's alliance was like a cult. Everybody LOVED Rob and believed they were going all the way together. He won challenges when he needed to, and he is in my opinion the best winner of all time. Now, the other seasons, not so much.