(Bold Italics symbolises confessional)

Jeff: I am aboard a helicopter just above the city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopa here where these 16 Americans will start the journey of a lifetime. 

Ethiopia is the hottest country in the continent of Africa so water and food are scarce making reward challenges vital.

For the next 39 days these 16 strangers will have to fend for themselves while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt or they will be voted out of the tribe in the end only one will remain to win the million dollar prize.

39 days, 16 people, 1 SURVIVOR!

  • Credits roll*
  • Two helicopters land in the middle of a small village*

Jeff: Welcome to Ethiopia and Survivor!

  • Everyone claps and cheers*

Before we get to business I would like you all to tell every one your name and profession. 

Holly: My name's Holly and I'm in the army.

Holly: I'm not really in the army my real job is a stripper but I don't want my tribe getting the wrong ideas plus once I make the finals I can get all the sympathy votes!

David: My name's David and I'm a chef.

Carolina: My name's Caroliina and I'm an unemployed single mom.

Joe: My name's Joe and I'm a hairdresser.

Joe: I don't want anyone to know I used to be Josephine!

Suzy: My name's Suzette but you can call me Suzy and I'm a model.

Tobias: I'm Tobias and I'm a waiter.

Tobias: I'm not a waiter, I actually own the biggest restaurant chain in South Dakota.

Hannah:  Hi guys I'm Hannah and I'm a stay at home mom!

Doug: My name is Anh Dung but my friends call me Doug and I'm an Iraqi war veteran

Jeff: You guys are Saam and have yellow buffs.

  • Throws buffs*

Heidi: My name's Heidi and I'm the oldest PlayBoy bunny to ever be on the front page at 67!

  • Claps from tribe*

Heidi: I'm actually a retired teacher but I wanted to seem cool to the young kids!

Jacob: Hello my name's Jacob and I'm a student.

Sam: My name's Samantha but you can call me Sam and I'm a retired food eating champion!

Sam: I don't want my tribe to know I'm a recovering binge eater as I feel they wouldn't trust me with the food.

DeShawn: I go by DeShawn and I'm the owner of a gun store.

Jay-Lyne: My name's Jay-Lyne and I was the first Asian American to win Miss America!

Zach: Hiya I'm Zach and I'm ballet dancer!

Zach: I want to show that all Gay's aren't happy and become the most ruthless person ever to play Survivor!

Lydia: Hey, Im Lydia and I'm a politician,

Lydia: Do I want them to know I was the first lesbian in congress? In one word no.

Nathaniel: Yo, I'm Nathaniel and I'm a record producer.

Jeff: You guys are Verenigide and have purple buffs.

  • Throws buffs*

Right guys ready for your first twist? The first immunity challenge is going to take place now!

  • Gasps*

Suzy: Get the shovels ready to bury me!

Zach: I was hoping to you know energise know my tribemates before we get to winning challenges.

Jeff: You are about to make a 3 mile trek to your camps the first tribe there will see the immunity idol waiting on them, the last tribe will be heading to tribal council.

HeidiGranny's not good at running!

Jeff: One more thing you are in a village with plenty of supplies, we are giving you a one day pass to buy whatever you want for free but remember the more things you carry the more you will slow down. So do you think about the future or now because this challenge is on! 

  • The Saam tribe decides to go for the option of food and supplies buying 3 bags of rice and beans, 2 pieces of flint, a tarp and 5 bottles of water while the Verenigde tribe only buys 1 bag of rice and beans, 1 piece of flint and a tarp. Despite this Heidi, Jay-Lyne and Sam slow Verenigde down, most people in the tribe help them except for Zach who runs on for himself, doing so he takes the map with him. Saam work more as a team and are even with Verenigde for the most part but Zach is ahead of everyone else, Both tribes are now half a mile away from their destination*


Holly: Everyone is so nice, anyone else would be pleased about this but I'm Holly.

Doug: I think I see the camp guys I think someone should run and check, while we rest.

Holly: Want me to go?

Tobias: That sounds good if everyone is fine with it?

  • Everyone nods and Holly runs and on the way to the camp she see's a fresh tree of fruit*

Holly: I think Holly deserves a break!


Heidi: Where the f*** is Zach with the map, I'm tired and hungry.

Jay-Lyne: I'm sure he is there already with the idol when he get's there I'm sure he will come back and get us!

Heidi: Jay's always being positive is really getting to me. Like we're about to head to tribal council and she's smiling. How am I supposed to spend 39 days with these people?


Zach: Do I want my tribe to win immunity? No. They won't send home a physical male like me first off no matter what I do so what does it matter?

  • Holly soon arrives at her camp and gets the idol brings it back to her tribe and they win immunity. While it takes. Zach two extra hours to get to their tribe and his tribe five hours*

-Day 1: Verenigde-

Heidi: What the hell was that today Zach?

Zach: It's called using your innovative to win.

Heidi: Oh because you were so successful in that and all.

Zach: Oh hop off you slutty h**.

Sam: Oh my God it was nearly worth the loss for when we got back to camp. 

Lydia: My job is to fight with people full time and I still don't think I could have beaten any of them.

Jay-Lyne: Guys stop, we lost end of story, no point pointing the finger at anyone it isn't going to get us that challenge.

Jacob: Is Jay stupid the whole point is to point the finger at someone does she know we have to vote someone off?

Heidi: I just can't spend another night with that little drama queen.

Zach: Well you won't have to after your torch is snuffed tomorrow night.

-Day 2: Saam-

Carolina: Camp life is actually pretty good we have plenty of food, drink, fire, comfort, immunity we have it all!

Holly: Camp life is horrendous it's boring. I was looking for drama and fun instead we have smiles! But time to change that smile upside down!

*When everyone else is in the bed Holly takes 2 bags of rice and beans and dumps them in the ocean when coming back Joe catches her when he was checking on the fire*

Joe: Did you just steal the rice and beans?

Holly: Umm...yes.

Joe: Why would you do that?

Holly: It's hard to play the game if nobody else is playing so I just tried to start the drama and blame game to you know kickstart the game.

Joe: I see, well I'm willing to kickstart with you! As long as you stop stealing the food, I won't say what you did.

Holly: Of course thank you!

Joe: I see a potential ally in Holly someone who I could ride their coat tails to the final and then since they have did all the backstabbing I will win the million.

Holly: Joe is an idiot if he thinks I'm going to work with him first tribal council we head to he's gone!

-Day 2: Verenigde-

DeShawn: At the minute it looks like either Zach or Heidi is going home after their fight last night. It doesn't matter as whoever survives this round goes next anyway.

Heidi: Good morning queenie.

Zach: Can you like just not take to me?

Jay-Lyne: I think it's a bit obvious that it's either Heidi or Zach but this is Survivor so anything can happen!

*DeShawn, Lydia, Sam, Jacob and Nathaniel are in the water*

Lydia: So I was thinking, Zach and Heidi are never going to win and probably won't even make merge but Jay-Lyne she is a threat. If she makes merge she can talk herself and show her body off until she get's to the final so i was thinking we blindside her tonight while we get the chance.

Jacob: First of all I do think we all should align but is Jay-Lyne a smart move?

Lydia: She is physically weak and a social threat I see no way she could help the tribe!

Sam: Lydia's idea is actually really smart but is it too early for blindsides?

-Tribal Council 1: Verenigde-

Jeff: Welcome to tribal council behind you are torches, torches represent your life in this game once your torch is out so are you.

  • Everyone lights their torch*

So Lydia first tribal council do you feel in trouble?

Lydia: Yeah but I think everyone does it's Survivor so you're constantly watching your back!

Jeff: Zach, you ran ahead of your tribe in the immunity challenge. Regret it?

Zach: Absolutely not, I would do that again in a heartbeat.

  • Heidi rolls her eyes*

Zach: Got something to say?

Heidi: Nope queenie!

Jeff: Jay-Lyne, how are you basing your vote tonight?

Jay-Lyne: On who I think will strengthen the tribe and who I think will weaken the tribe.

Jeff: And with that it's time to cast your votes. Lydia you're up first.

  • Lydia, Sam and Nathaniel cast their votes as Heidi holds up her vote for Zach*

Heidi: This queen will not win Survivor!

  • Jacob and Nathaniel cast their votes as Zach holds up his vote for Heidi*

Zach: This bunny can bounce off home!

  • Jay-Lyne casts her vote and then sits down as Jeff grabs the urn*

Jeff: Once the vote is read the decision is final person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I will read the votes.

First vote...... Heidi

Second vote......Zach

Third vote.....Heidi

That's two votes Heidi, one vote Zach.

  • Heidi puts head in her hands*

Forth vote....Jay-Lyne

  • Jay-Lyne looks confused*

Fifth vote.....Jay-Lyne

  • Jay-Lyne gasps as Heidi smiles*

That's two votes Jay-Lyne, two votes Heidi, one vote Zach

Sixth vote.....Jay-Lyne.

  • Jay-Lyne looks in disgust at the tribe members*

Three votes Jay-Lyne, two vote Heidi, one vote Zach

Seventh vote and first person voted off Survivor Ethiopia............Jay-Lyne.

Jay-Lyne: Last time I try being nice to people!

  • Jay-Lyne carry's torch to Jeff*

Jeff: Jay-Lyne your tribe has spoken.

  • Snuffs torch as Jay-Lyne leaves the tribal council area*

Jeff: First vote and first blindside, if you vote like that you guys might just have a chance at this game. Head on out!


Two castaways decide to make a shock alliance.

Zach: We're at the bottom so we need to climb to the top!


The game get's too much for someone.

Jeff: So just to confirm you're pulling yourself from the game.

-----------Eliminated confessional-------------

Jay-Lyne: I have no regrets but I'm really confused, I should have played harder while I could!

Heidi: Zach

Zach: Heidi

Jay-Lyne: Heidi

Jacob: Jay-Lyne

Sam: Jay-Lyne

DeShawn: Jay-Lyne

Nathaniel: Jay-Lyne

Lydia: Jay-Lyne