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Survivor: China


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
S15 ashley t Ashley Massaro
28, East Northport, NY
Zhan Hu
S15 peihgee t Peih-Gee Law
29, Marina del Rey, CA
Zhan Hu
S15 amanda t Amanda Kimmel
23, Kalispell, MT
Zhan Hu
S15 courtney t Courtney Yates
26, New York City, NY
Zhan Hu
S15 dave t Dave Cruser
37, Simi Valley, CA
Zhan Hu
S15 aaron t Aaron Reisberger
32, Venice, CA
Zhan Hu
S15 jeanrobert t Jean-Robert Bellande
36, Las Vegas, NV
Zhan Hu
S15 erik t Erik Huffman
26, Nashville, TN
Zhan Hu
S15 frosti t Frosti Zernow
20, Chicago, IL
Fei Long
S15 james t James Clement
30, Lafayette, LA
Fei Long
S15 sherea t Sherea Lloyd
26, Atlanta, GA
Fei Long
S15 jaime t Jaime Dugan
22, Columbia, SC
Fei Long
S15 leslie t Leslie Nease
38, Tega Cay, SC
Fei Long
S15 chicken t Chicken Morris
47, Marion, VA
Fei Long
S15 denise t Denise Martin
40, Douglas, MA
Fei Long
S15 todd t Todd Herzog
22, Pleasant Grove, UT
Fei Long

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