Thank you to Ian for the chance to become an administrator here at the Wiki, I've always said that the importance of any site is input and the right information. We are currently on track to achieve these goals and we're also branching out into more details aspects of the competition such as creating specific alliance pages.

Over the next few days, weeks, months, whatever it takes I would like to achieve the following (albeit, optimistic, goals) and they're detailed below.


An inevitable part of the wiki, nonies (non-registered users) contribute more than half of the comments whether they be on contestants, seasons, gameplay, objects etc. Ian has implemented a three-strike rule which will be followed up by myself and the other administrators with immediate effect.

We only request one thing; when you post, post with a bit of common sense and some reasoning behind it. Yes, we are entitled to post our opinions, but "RUSSELL IS A HUGE DOUHCE!!!onE111!!!" really doesn't help, we know this already.


Looking at the stats, we have had a total of 71 users put forward their contributions, but we see the same users. For a wiki to grow and become notable we do need and want you guys to sign up and make yourself known to the community, all the administrators started out as newcomers and worked their way up. There are incentives such as User of the Month which will be rolled out in the next few months and the potential to get up on the Top 20. As sad as it sounds, it does feel good to get further up the list.

Top 20

The current leaderboard tallies up contributions and provides achievements (or points) that are accumulated. The more points, the further up the list you go. Our top 20 is a mix of strong contributors and more casual posters and this balance needs to be shifted, Survivor is a competitive game and the thought of this leaderboard being in itself a competition to put correct information and source your citiations it'll make an even stronger case for when you would like to progress further up the ranks.


If you're unfamiliar (like I was a few months ago) a rollback is a trusted user who can revert edits. There are a list of requirements to become a rollback which can be accessed here. Nominations are always open, so if you fit the bill, put your name forward.

I personally will be sourcing out users without these abilities and put them forward for Ian to approve.

In Conclusion

We can't grow without you, it's as simple as it gets. Get known, get praised and join in.