Let me be the first to admit this before I type this randomness out - I like Colton. Despite all the negative press against him, you have to think about when you're out on location competing for a million dollars you aren't thinking of the audience.

Opening Argument

On the first day of the competition, Colton presumably played up to his "southern charm" and wanted to introduce himself to the girls as in an almost "good neighbour" manner. The Manono Tribe did spend a lot of time trekking to their camp so when the Salani women turned up you're almost bound to forget about the game and just say hey.
What I personally didn't like about Colton in the opening few days was his inexcusible actions towards the men.

"I'm the girl within the guy tribe"


He immediately alienated himself without the aid of the muscle alliance telling the tribe what to do, instead of attempting to embrace his surroundings he began to criticise his tribe mates based solely because there weren't females wearing orange. The "One World" aspect has allowed Colton to express himself more openly, let's not forget that Survivors who have had the same mentality in camp have either been slandered, ignored and left alone until the inevitable elimination. Colton has been the most expressive about embracing both tribes living together by going to the women asking for help. Had Sabrina not give Colton the Idol on episode one, he wouldn't have had the pull he needed to form the misfit alliance.
Upon receiving the Idol, you notice a huge change in him, whereupon he's started to think about eliminating people. Those that have been eliminated up to this point have stated that Colton comes from a background where he has done nothing to achieve everything and those below him he treats as dirt - I'm not going to openly promote this, but nobody is perfect. We all have our faults, our closed view on the world and to a lesser extent, slight idiotic traits.
Back on point, Colton played Survivor because he is a fan of the show. He knows exactly how to play up for ratings, he knows exactly how to cater to people around him. He's a social chameleon with hand grenades.
His voice can only get him so far, however, in challenges he is below average and can only keep up when the rest of the tribe have to wait. In a competition where you have to show some physical prowess he is lacking it and is relying heavily on his Idol power.

The one thing I do not condone about Colton is his words towards his competitors, especially that of Bill Posley and Leif Manson, at the end of everything, there is a line that you don't cross - and there are two factors to blame, the first is Colton for his acid tongue and the editing team who decided to put it in the episode.
A famous playwrite once said "the world is a stage, and we are all actors" - remember that when we watch Cumbie, he's sure as hell not going anywhere for some time.

WHOisROB 09:36, March 15, 2012 (UTC)