Late is better then never XP I know I'm late this week, but here they (finally) are.

White Collar

  1. Max - He's not even being targeted...he's sticking around for a while.
  2. Tyler - According to Carolyn, seems to be trustworthy.
  3. Carolyn - Still has that idol, and could be blinsided because of it.
  4. Shirin - Just not fitting in, but not too much of an outcast, just crazy.
  5. Joaquin - Not fitting in and a huge outcast.

Blue Collar

  1. Rodney - He's arguing with a lot people, but he does have a quite a bit of power in his alliance.
  2. Lindsey - Same goes with her but doesn't have as much power.
  3. Kelly - She's starting to become more noticeable, and a pick for a dark horse.
  4. Sierra - She's not doing a whole lot either, but this could still be some strategy involved in this.
  5. Dan - He's proving to not be the first one to go from his tribe, but he's an obvious weak link.
  6. Mike - No one likes his work ethic, and proven to go home as soon as they go to tribal council.

No Collar

  1. Jenn - In a bit of power and in a majority alliance.
  2. Hali - Close with Jenn, and I think that could carry her far.
  3. Joe - If he wants to make it far, he'll have to split the Hali/Jenn friendship.
  4. Will - No one trusts him, so he's pretty much screwed.