Back again for another edition of my power rankings! Last night, Vince was blindsided and in my opinion I glad he was. Plus, White Collar broke Survivor history yesterday, as all other 3 tribe seasons have had the same tribe go to tribal council twice in a row. But it didn't happen this time! Yay! Anyways, here we go.

White Collar

  1. Max - Ok so he's using the Richard Hatch strategy I guess. Well, that seems to be doing good for him...I guess.
  2. Shirin - Same with her. It's interesting how both her and Max are using the same strategy.
  3. Carolyn - Didn't see a whole lot of her this episode, but maybe that's her strategy at the moment.
  4. Tyler - He seems to be uncomfortable around Shirin and Max, and I don't know how that's going to work for him.
  5. Joaquin - Same reason as last week. So is out, and so are you.

Blue Collar

  1. Rodney - Seems to have no trouble with anybody yet, and he'll be fine for a while.
  2. Lindsey - I think she's doing all right at the moment, but we'll see how it goes.
  3. Sierra - Didn't really notice her that much. Strategy???
  4. Kelly - Um, who? Is she getting the Kelly Shinn edit because she's like...doing nothing.
  5. Dan - The only reason he's up this high is because there's someone else who people are targeting more then him.
  6. Mike - Him being a work-a-holic will probably get on everyones nerves, so yeah he's most likely going when Escameca loses.

No Collar

  1. Joe - Now that Vince is gone, he'll be fine since he has the numbers. Plus, he's likeable.
  2. Jenn - Same with her. She'll be fine but since she had votes against her last tribal council she can be a future target.
  3. Hali - Seems to be just a number in the alliance of three. I think they'll just rid of her once they eliminate who they want.
  4. Will - He really screwed up himself last tribal council because he really could've been in the majority.
  5. Nina - People aren't really getting to her. Plus, the situation seems to be similar to Christy with Jenna and Heidi excluding her like in The Amazon.