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Survivor: Worlds Apart Power Rankings - Week 1

Hello everyone, and today I think the majority of us watched the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart. I think it's off to a great start, so yeah here are some power ranks heading into the next and what you guys think what might happen.

White Collar

  1. Carolyn - I think she's in a really good position now, and I think she'll do well heading into next week.
  2. Max - He's off to a very good start. He was one of the two people not even targeted. Let's hope he gets far.
  3. Shirin - I think she's in a nice alliance and a good power position that will possibly carry her far.
  4. Tyler - A bit on the outs, and for now just seems like a swing vote or a wild card.
  5. Joaquin - Since So went, he's out of allies and unless they win more challenges, he's out of luck.

Blue Collar

  1. Lindsey - I think she's in a good position right now, and I think she'll make it far.
  2. Rodney - He's probably gonna manipulate the ladies a little bit, so we'll see how far he goes. But for now, he's good.
  3. Sierra - I don't really know what she's gonna do, but yeah OK I think she's in an alright position and I don't think she's going soon.
  4. Kelly - Seems to be playing under the rater at the moment, and I didn't really see much of her today.
  5. Mike - Could be a possible person to go home soon because of being with Dan a lot and eating the scorpion...yeah I don't know.
  6. Dan - I don't think he's doing that good, he seems to be the odd man out on his tribe.

No Collar

  1. Joe - I think people are really starting to like him and he's for sure not going anywhere for a while.
  2. Jenn - She's doing all right. I don't think she's gonna be a target any time soon either.
  3. Will - I also think people like this guy, but who knows, he might be a target but we'll see.
  4. Hali - Didn't see a whole lot of her either. She's probably playing under-the-radar like Kelly, but I can be wrong.
  5. Nina - I don't know how well she's gonna do with her tribe and how she's going to adapt with her hearing problems.
  6. Vince - People on his tribe don't seem to quite...get him. But hey, he could do something maybe.

I don't know how I pulled this off, but I did! XD If you want, you can say your thoughts on the episode below and I'll be looking forward doing this next week.

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