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  • TylerSurvivorFan

    Late is better then never XP I know I'm late this week, but here they (finally) are.

    1. Max - He's not even being targeted...he's sticking around for a while.
    2. Tyler - According to Carolyn, seems to be trustworthy.
    3. Carolyn - Still has that idol, and could be blinsided because of it.
    4. Shirin - Just not fitting in, but not too much of an outcast, just crazy.
    5. Joaquin - Not fitting in and a huge outcast.

    1. Rodney - He's arguing with a lot people, but he does have a quite a bit of power in his alliance.
    2. Lindsey - Same goes with her but doesn't have as much power.
    3. Kelly - She's starting to become more noticeable, and a pick for a dark horse.
    4. Sierra - She's not doing a whole lot either, but this could still be some strategy involved in this.
    5. Dan - He's proving to not be the…

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  • TylerSurvivorFan

    Back again for another edition of my power rankings! Last night, Vince was blindsided and in my opinion I glad he was. Plus, White Collar broke Survivor history yesterday, as all other 3 tribe seasons have had the same tribe go to tribal council twice in a row. But it didn't happen this time! Yay! Anyways, here we go.

    1. Max - Ok so he's using the Richard Hatch strategy I guess. Well, that seems to be doing good for him...I guess.
    2. Shirin - Same with her. It's interesting how both her and Max are using the same strategy.
    3. Carolyn - Didn't see a whole lot of her this episode, but maybe that's her strategy at the moment.
    4. Tyler - He seems to be uncomfortable around Shirin and Max, and I don't know how that's going to work for him.
    5. Joaquin - Same reason as …

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  • TylerSurvivorFan

    Hello everyone, and today I think the majority of us watched the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart. I think it's off to a great start, so yeah here are some power ranks heading into the next and what you guys think what might happen.

    1. Carolyn - I think she's in a really good position now, and I think she'll do well heading into next week.
    2. Max - He's off to a very good start. He was one of the two people not even targeted. Let's hope he gets far.
    3. Shirin - I think she's in a nice alliance and a good power position that will possibly carry her far.
    4. Tyler - A bit on the outs, and for now just seems like a swing vote or a wild card.
    5. Joaquin - Since So went, he's out of allies and unless they win more challenges, he's out of luck.

    1. Lindsey - I think she's i…

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  • TylerSurvivorFan

    Ok, so this is my first ever blog on this wiki. Anyways, this blog will be about all the winners of Survivor. I am only including Sandra once in this. Ok, so you will vote down below in these polls who is the better winner. Winners of Round 1 will go to Round 2, winners of Round 3 go to Round 4 etc. So let's get started!

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