Probst, himself said Redemption Island was "A Twist That Changed The Game". But in reality, the twist fell flat on its face, and here's why I hate Redemption Island.

1. Duels Start At The Beginning of the Episode- The main reason why that's a problem, was because in the seasons without RI, it always ends with a castaway being eliminated, but with RI, it's almost like the episode starts at the end, and ends in the middle, which makes no sense.

2. No Reward Challenges- With the edition of Redemption Island, all of the challenges are basically combined Reward & Immunity. How about, the castaway that wins each duel will choose which tribe gets the reward. Or, after the voted out castaways finish their duel, one person from each tribe competes in that same duel to determine who gets reward.

3. The RI inhabitant misses out on a lot of the social game- I think the reason why the castaway gets voted out as soon as they return from RI is because they miss out on a lot of the social game. Maybe they can put in a tactic to make the inhabitant socialize with the cast, such as the style of reward challenges I previously mentioned.

Those were 3 reasons why i hate RI and how they can be improved.