Before you guys freak out, I just want you to listen to what I have to say:

You know how every Survivor fan knows the dynamics of a Hidden immunity Idol right? Split vote, able to find them without a clue, etc. Doesn't that not make it a twist anymore if everyone knows the ins and outs of it? 

So I was thinking for a new mechanic in the votes.(I'm not going to show you a picture, use your imagination!)

It's called the Deducting coin,pearl,ticket, whatever you want it to be. (I preferably see it as a coin.)

What does it do you might ask?

When it's played, a specific amount of people will only be allowed to vote at that tribal council, and the number depends based the amount it has. 1 with a "5" on it (the most common btw) will give only 5 people the ability to vote at that tribal council. (Yes, they can vote for a person who can't vote.) The next powerful one has a "3" on it meaning only 3 people can vote at that tribal council. The most powerful and the rarest has a "1" on it meaning the person who drew it is the only person that can vote at that tribal council.

How are they earned you might ask?

A deducting item is earned after tribal council, when the player who is voted out gets to choose who gets the item at that tribal council. (The recommended max amount of these items in the game is 3 from my POV). If multiple items are used at the same tribal council, the person who had theirs for the longest amount of time gets to play theirs.

So, that's my idea for the new twist. Bye.