After watching yesterday's episode of BvW, I was disappointed, mainly because of the blindside fever that happened pre-merge was no where to be found. It was just the single's alliance systematically eliminating the pairs. That made me think, did the magic wear off? I mean, the season finale is a good distance away, and I'm already starting to see some obvious spots in the F3. So far the only astonishment I can see from here on out is that either Aras, Vytas, or Tina dominate on Redemption Island, re-enter the game, win the last few immunity challenges, and make it to the end. Yes, I am aware that Ciera wants to get rid of her mother, and that could be the only blindside post merge, (besides Aras' that is). I don't know if the post merge is going to suck, and I'm simply throwing out my views. Personally, I'm open to hearing your opinions in the comments section if you think the post merge is going to suck or not. Bye.