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  • TubbzyWubbzy

    Never mind. I'd delete this if I knew how to.

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  • TubbzyWubbzy

    Has The Good Ended?

    November 14, 2013 by TubbzyWubbzy

    After watching yesterday's episode of BvW, I was disappointed, mainly because of the blindside fever that happened pre-merge was no where to be found. It was just the single's alliance systematically eliminating the pairs. That made me think, did the magic wear off? I mean, the season finale is a good distance away, and I'm already starting to see some obvious spots in the F3. So far the only astonishment I can see from here on out is that either Aras, Vytas, or Tina dominate on Redemption Island, re-enter the game, win the last few immunity challenges, and make it to the end. Yes, I am aware that Ciera wants to get rid of her mother, and that could be the only blindside post merge, (besides Aras' that is). I don't know if the post merge i…

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  • TubbzyWubbzy

    In the most recent episode of BvW, Probst said himself that he faked appendicitis and said he quit One World. And yet the medical results seemed so accurate that he was ill, Did he purposely get himself sick in OW? Don't know, did you think he quit twice or was evacuated and quit once?  

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  • TubbzyWubbzy

    Ok, I was watching a Survivor video early today and I found a YouTube comment to that particular video that got me wondering. The video was about the Final Immunity Challenge from Survivor: Philippines,

    link to the video:

    And in that video the comment specifically said that if you looked side to side from Skupin's log to Malcolm's   log you'll notice that the shaved area on Skupin's log is much wider than the shaved area on Malcolm's log. (The times were 2:56 and 3:02) I want you to give an honest opinion on why that's the case or if you really don't see any difference in length. Personally, I see it as a trick edit though. 

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  • TubbzyWubbzy

    Probst, himself said Redemption Island was "A Twist That Changed The Game". But in reality, the twist fell flat on its face, and here's why I hate Redemption Island.

    1. Duels Start At The Beginning of the Episode- The main reason why that's a problem, was because in the seasons without RI, it always ends with a castaway being eliminated, but with RI, it's almost like the episode starts at the end, and ends in the middle, which makes no sense.

    2. No Reward Challenges- With the edition of Redemption Island, all of the challenges are basically combined Reward & Immunity. How about, the castaway that wins each duel will choose which tribe gets the reward. Or, after the voted out castaways finish their duel, one person from each tribe competes in…

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