"Reality Crossover" season is complete. Unfortunately though, I was unable to get the pictures up, I was having trouble, I apologize for that. Here is the cast, episodes, the results and placements:


Takisaya tribe: (colour: yellow)

Meghan Gill (Winner of Hell's Kitchen season 14), Rebecca Weaver (Amazing Race season 8), Bri Kozier (Masterchef season 4), Sade Sandy (Hell's Kitchen season 13), Rachel Reiley (Big Brother seasons 12 & 13), Blake Miguez (Top Shot seasons 3 & 5), Gary Levy (Big Brother Canada 1), Dave Green (Utopia), Austin Matelson (Big Brother season 17), Bergen Olson (Amazing Race season 26)

Mogoucha Tribe (colour: orange)

Natalie Spooner (Amazing Race Canada 2), Jax (American Idol season 14), Gabby Franco (Top Shot seasons 4 & 5), Helen Kim (Big Brother season 15), Rhonda Deniston (Utopa), Bo Bice (American Idol season 4), Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother seasons 12 & 13, Amazing Race season 16), Justin Antiorio (Hell's Kitchen season 10), Kevin Wu (Amazing Race season 17), Gordon Houston (Masterchef season 5)

Merge Tribe Name: Taki-Oucha (colour: ocean blue)

Episodes and Results:

  • Episode 1: Takisaya wins immunity; Helen on Mogoucha finds HII; Gabby and Ken tie for 4 votes each while Jax gets two; in the revote, Ken is voted out 5-3
  • Episode 2: Mogoucha wins immunity; Rebecca voted out 5-4-1; Bri gets 4 votes; Blake gets 1 vote
  • Episode 3: Mogooucha wins immunity; Rachel on Takisaya finds HII; Bergen voted out 6-3; Meghan gets 3 votes
  • Episode 4: Mogoucha wins immunity; Bri voted out 6-2; Dave gets 2 votes
  • Episode 5: Takisaya wins immunity; Jax voted out 6-3; Gabby gets 3 votes
  • Episode 6: Mogoucha wins immunity; Austin voted out 5-2; Dave gets 2 votes
  • Episode 7: Tribe Swap: New Takisaya Tribe: Bo Bice, Dave Green, Gabby Franco, Gordon Houston, Helen Kim, Justin Antiorio, Sade Dancy; New Mogoucha Tribe: Blake Miguez, Gary Levy, Jeff Schroeder, Meghan Gill, Natalie Spooner, Rachel Reiley, Rhonda Deniston
    • New Takisaya wins immunity; Natalie voted out 4-3; Meghan gets 3 votes
  • Episode 8: New Takisaya wins immunity; Rhonda voted out 4-2; Blake gets 2 votes
  • Episode 9: Merge: Taki-Oucha tribe: Blake, Bo, Dave, Gabby, Gary, Gordon, Helen, Jeff, Justin, Meghan, Rachel, Sade
    • Rachel and Justin win immunity in a female/male combo individual immunity challenge; Jeff voted out 9-3; Dave gets 3 votes
  • Episode 10: Jury Phase
    • Meghan wins immunity; Rachel plays HII negating 2 votes; Dave voted out 7-2; Gary gets 2 votes
  • Episode 11: Rachel wins immunity; Helen plays HII negating 5 votes; Gary voted out 5-0
  • Episode 12: Rachel wins immunity; Blake voted out 5-4; Helen gets 4 votes
  • Episode 13 Boot #1: Gordon wins immunity; Rachel voted out 5-3; Bo gets 3 votes
    • Boot #2: Sade wins immunity and also finds HII; Meghan voted out 4-2; Bo gets 2 votes
  • Episode 14: Helen wins immunity; Sade and Gabby get 3 votes each; in revote, Sade is voted out 4-0 without playing HII
  • Episode 15 Finale:
    • Boot #1: Gordon wins immunity; Gabby finds HII; Justin medically evacuated thus cancelling tribal council; Gabby's HII is now useless
    • Boot #2: Helen wins final immunity; Bo voted out 3-1; Gabby gets 1 vote
      • Final Tribal Council: Gabby wins 7-1-0; Helen comes in 2nd place with 1 jury vote while Gordon finishes in 3rd place with 0 jury votes

*Fan Favourite Award Winner: Blake Miguez


  • 20th Place: Kevin Wu
  • 19th Place: Rebecca Weaver
  • 18th Place: Bergen Olson
  • 17th Place: Bri Koizer
  • 16th Place: Jax
  • 15th Place: Austin Matelson
  • 14th Place: Natalie Spooner
  • 13th Place: Rhonda Deniston
  • 12th Place: Jeff Schroeder
  • 11th Place: Dave Green
  • 10th Place: Gary Levy
  • 9th Place: Blake Miguez
  • 8th Place: Rachel Reiley
  • 7th Place: Meghan Gill
  • 6th Place: Sade Dancy
  • 5th Place: Justin Antiorio
  • 4th Place: Bo Bice
  • 3rd Place/Runner-Up #2: Gordon Houston
  • 2nd Place/Runner-Up: Helen Kim
  • Sole Survivor: Gabby Franco