Survivor has changed with the years. For the last 7 seasons the show is focused only on 4 pillars: strategies, conflicts, challenges, bikinis. Of course to play survivor everyone needs a strategy. But in the past 4 years strategies are build only either on social adptability or on alliances, or to take the most hated or the weakest person to the final! There are no more contestants with some survival skills, no providers. I don´t see any struggle with the food situation, with the fire, with the water. Either the contestants are too satisfied or the producers don´t show us this apect of the game. I also don´t see anyone working at the camp. What are the survivors doing between the challenges and the TC´s?! Only strategizing? I don´t believe! The contestants are so spared from any harsh weather. There are no reigns, no storms. I have the impression they are living in the paradise. The only thing they have to do is fighting each other.

Why the producers don´t want go back to the original. I don´t wanna see only cute faces, good looking bodies and people eating one another.

I need to see the real pillars of Survivor: survival skills, observation, strength in challenges, social adaptability, mental virtue, work ethic, sincerity and some cockiness.