I have decided to do cast rankings for each season and since Phillippines is still fresh in my mind I have decided to rank it first. Hope you guys like my ranking. Please no negative nellies bashing my opinion. We all have one, deal with it!

18th place: Jeff Kent


Yeah, I didn't like Jeff at all. When the pre-show interviews came out, I decided to do some research on the celebrities, Jeff and Lisa (more on her soon). I don't watch baseball so I had never heard of him, but when I found out he was a multi-millionaire, I was a little annoyed at his conclusion in the season. Oh, and the fact that he is an arrogant, sexist homophobe doesn't do him any favors either. For those of you who didn't know he donated a crap load of money to Prop 8 in California (the one banning gay marriages in Cali). And the worst part is he doesn't even live in California! Now taking all of that away and looking at him only from his actions in the game, I still wouldn't have liked him. Let's just say he really was just some random rancher (or whatever he said he was) who wasn't famous, wasn't filthy rich, wasn't a disgusting bigot, he still would've been towards the bottom if not 18th place on my ranking because he was so boring and painfully stupid! He was a complete gamebot during his run on Philippines but unlike Kim from One World, he was a stupid gamebot! He was so eager to get rid of Penner, a returning player. But what does he do? He boots Dawson, who would've been a loyal member in the Kalabaw alliance when the merge hit. Especially since Dana left the game ruining the chances of a Female Kalabaw alliance. Next episode Katie convinces him to get rid of Penner (someone he despises) or Denise (someone who has just been put on Kalabaw and is likely to flip back to Malcolm the minute Jeff says "drop your buffs"). What does he do? Boots Katie who, like Dawson, also would've been loyal once the merge began. Now the merge happens and once he actually needs Penner to help him stay in the game, he finally is kicking him off. Even worse he agrees on splitting the votes between Penner and RC, someone who was going to flip to Kalabaw with Michael, giving Kalabaw the numbers! What he should've done is vote Pete off with RC, Michael, Carter, Penner, and Denise. Doing that could've potentially given Jeff the title of sole survivor... On second thought maybe it's a good thing he is a complete moron.

Clue for # 17: A male that made the merge.