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Official Survivor: Russia Cast

The votes are in and here is the official Survivor: Russia cast.

Trotsky (African-Americans)- Jaison Robinson,  Ghandia Johnson, Yasmin Giles, Ibrehem Rahman, Ted Rogers, Jr..

Stenka (Asian-Americans)- Peih-Gee Law, Michelle Yi, Ken Hoang, Christina Cha, Frosti Zernow.

Volga (Caucasian-Americans)- Carter Williams, Kelly Goldsmith, R.C. Saint-Amour, Troyzan Robertson, Judd Sergeant.

Ipatovo (Hispanic-Americans)- Alex Angarita, Susie Smith, Yve Rojas, Edgardo Rivera, Monica Padilla.

There is the cast and this season will start soon.

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