These are my favourite survivor characters and why

10. Leif

He is so cute and a still remaining Manano member. Can win this if he tries

9. Colton

All the hate is fine but you have to admit. Amazing game play untill medvac. Needs to come back.

8. Jonas

Had great potential untill voted off.

7. Jim

He was hilarious and was a good anti heroe.ha

6. Jay

He would have dominated the game if the girls didn't vote him out.

5. Rick

Cowboy had a great aliance and knew who was the threat. When he was voted off I thought Sophie should go.

4. Keith

He and Whitney are great together

3. Whitney

Same as Keith but lasted longer.

2. Brandon

Only missed out on top spot because of his move giving up immunity. Brandon vs Russell would be epic.


He played survivor the way it was supposed to be played. The dominater. Needs to be back again.