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My Second Fanfiction

I am doing my second fanfic soon and it will be a fans vs favourites round 2. Yes I know that there is a lot of round 2's as my fanfics but here me out. Give me a past contestant and tell me if you want to compete. I only need your first name and I will make up random last names. 8 fans and 8 favourites and I will TRY to make it even ammount of boys and girls. This is only the susgesstion page and I will make a season page later. First come first serve.


Josh Tramp( Joshjosh123)

Andrew Smith (Donosaurous Rex)

Jennifer Freda (Henzzy)


Trey Thomason (Tdi)

Grace Galico (me)

Sonya Adams (me)

Stephine Grape (me)


Courtney Yates (Joshjosh123)

Edna Ma (Tdi)

Whitney Duncan (me)

Kat Edorsan (me)

Benry Henry (Henzzy)

Dave Ball (Donosaurous Rex)


Tarzan Smith (NZ Man123)

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