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TheHickman December 6, 2012 User blog:TheHickman

(I have a feeling this won't be a good idea but who knows?)

Now I have an idea. Survivor Roleplay Wiki. 

It would be like people compete together on Survivor and they vote each other out to win a (fake) MILLION DOLLARS!!!. Before you say "This is just like Survivor: Wikia come up with your own idea NZ Man." Well you are wrong. It would possibly go like this.


Sign Ups (2 per User)

Bob - The Dude - NZ Man

Sandy - The Other Person - NZ Man

Sally - The Sports Girl - Bedginr (not a real user)

Dan - The Evil Doer - Bedginr


Pre Chat

Bob: Hello worthy competiters.

Sandy: *walks away*

Challenge 1

Jeff: For this challenge you will run and climb up the wall (5 lines) and then solve the puzzle on the opposite side (4 lines)

Dante: *runs*



Bob: How did we lose?


Sandy: Good job guys.

Tribal Council

Dante: *writes down Dans name*

Jeff: Dan the tribe has spoken.

Then this would go on until a winner is declared. 

Then if you wanted to RP about the life of a Survivor afterwards maybe


(Previous Survivor): *is relaxing in their apartment when phone rings* Oh hey (blah blah).

(Continures for a while until it dies)

Say What You Think In The Comments Below

It may be hated. It may be loved. It's an idea.

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