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How I think Survivor South Pacific should have gone

I really wasn't happy with some of the things that happened so here we go!

18th: Semhar: Loses on RI to Christine.

17th: Christine: Papa Bear wins the challenge.

16th: Stacey: Papa Bear wins again.

15th: Papa Bear: Cochran was voted out and wins the duel.

14th: Mikayla: Cochran wins again!

13th: Cochran: Jim beats him after he goes volintarily thinking of a merge.

12th: Edna: There was no merge and Edna was voted out for not being in the core five then lost.

11th: Jim: Keith beats him and returns.


10th/9th: Sophie. Loses on RI to Rick and Albert after Coach flipped.

9th/10th: Alibert: Loses to Rick on RI.

8th: Coach: Brandon won immunity and Coach lost on RI to Rick.

7th: Dawn: Loses RI to Rick after Bramdon won Immunity.

6th: Rick: Brandon was sent to RI and just beats rick in the duel. Brandon Returns.

5th: Whitney: Brandon won immunitty and Whittney was sent home.

4th: Keith: Brandon and Keith go on to make fire after Keoth and Ozzy vote for Brandon and Elyse and Brandon vote for Keith and Keith loses.

3rd: Elyse: Is to likable and Brandon thinks he can beat Ozzy in the final 2.

Tie with Ozzy being voted by Elyse Whitney Dawn and Keith and Brandon voted by Coach Albert Sophie and Rick.


2nd: Bramdo (Albert Sophie Rick)

1st Ozzy (Elyse Dawn Whitney Keith and Coach due to Coachs stupid motto of take strong ones to the end)

Comment your opinion below!

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