You know the drill

18th Kourtney (Salani) Same as real series

17th Nina (Salani) Same as real series

16th Tarzan (Manano) Colton uses the idol but Matt was flushing it and Coltons alliance split votes meaning 4 Tarzan 3 Matt 2 Jay

15th Christina (Salani) The guys didn't give up immunity and she was the outcast

14th Monica (Manano) Same as real series.

13th Michael (Salani) Kim uses idol and Michael goes 3-0

12th Alicia (Tikano) Voted out by guys.

11th Chelsea (Tikano) Voted out by guys.

10th Jay (Tikano) Kat uses idol

9th Sabrina (Tikano) Voted out by guys

8th Kim (Tikano Voted out)

7th Bill (Tikano) Kat wins immunity.

6th Troyzan (Tikano) Voted out

5th Matt (Tikano) Voted out

4th Colton (Tikano) Removed due to injury

3rd Leif (Tikano) Votes from Colton and Troyzna

2nd Jonas (Tikano) Bill Matt Kay

1st Kat (Tikano) Votes from Kim Chelsea Sabrina and Alicia


I am not a fan of the usual final council final 3 votes of one getting zero.